Award Wins at Leading Robotics Conference (ICRA) - 2020 IEEE International

We are very excited that two of our academics and two ACSE alumni have received prestigious awards from the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) - the largest conference in the field of robotics.

ICRA Conference 2020

Due to the current exceptional circumstances, ICRA 2020 was re-envisioned as a virtual conference. The virtual format provided an opportunity for the ICRA community to continue to present their research and collaborate with their peers across the globe. The 2020 conference drew together experts in the field of robotics and automation for technical communications through presentations and online discussions, providing a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the world. 

The conference awards ceremony, held on 5th June 2020, saw Dr Roderich Gross, Dr Dana Damian, Lavanya Balasubramanian and Tom Wray receive awards for their contributions.

The ICRA 2020 Conference Awards can be viewed here.

Dr Gross was awarded for his service to the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Conference Editorial Board (CEB), in the category ‘Best/Outstanding Associate Editors’(this can be viewed at 2.46mins into the video). Creating a world class technical program for ICRA requires the contributions of many and this award recognises Dr Gross’ outstanding contributions to the conference Editorial Board, which is responsible for reviewing the submissions to ICRA.

ICRA is the largest conference in robotics and automation, bringing together people from academia and industry from around the world to discuss the latest advances in the field. I am delighted to have received the award.

Dr Gross

ACSE Academic

ACSE alum, Lavanya Balasubramanian and Tom Wray, and ACSE academic Dr Damian won the ‘Best Paper Award in Medical Robotics’ (this can be viewed at 12.48mins). Their winning paper was entitled 'Fault Tolerant Control in Shape-Changing Internal Robots' and Lavanya's video presentation about the paper can be viewed below:

It is a great honour to have our work recognised and awarded at the world's largest robotics conference! As a master's graduate, this is a dream-come-true for me. I would like to thank Dr Damian, Dr Miyashita and the Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Lab and Microrobotics Lab members for coming together and striving to make this happen.

Lavanya Balasubramanian

ACSE Alumna

Dr Damian concludes:

It is fantastic news that our research group received this award, recognising the importance of designing resilience into medical robots as these technologies increasingly become part of the medical and surgical treatments. The award is also a great recognition that research challenges can be tackled successfully in programmes as early as undergraduate and master programmes. Lavanya and Tom are excellent examples of this potential.

Dr Dana Damian

ACSE Academic

A massive congratulations to all involved, the full list of nominations for each category can be seen below: 

Best/Outstanding Associate Editors:

Sven Behnke, University of Bonn 

Angela Faragasso, The University of Tokyo

Roderich Gross, The University of Sheffield 

Aude Bolopion, Femto-st Institute

Best paper award in Medical Robotics:

Balasubramanian, Lavanya; Wray, Tom; Damian, Dana 'Fault Tolerant Control in Shape-Changing Internal Robots'

Lee, Jantzen; Goldfarb, Michael 'Swing-Assist for Enhancing Stair Ambulation in a Primarily-Passive Knee Prosthesis'

Zhou, Xiao-Hu; Xie, Xiaoliang; Feng, Zhen-Qiu; Hou, Zeng-Guang; Bian, Gui-Bin; Li, Rui-Qi; Ni, ZhenLiang; Liu, Shiqi; Zhou, Yan-Jie 'A Multilayer-Multimodal Fusion Architecture for Pattern Recognition of Natural Manipulations in Percutaneous Coronary Interventions'

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