Congratulations team MoonWorks!MoonWorks Rover

Congratulations to the Sheffield Space Initiative Project ‘MoonWorks’ who have beaten 14 other universities across the UK to claim the Innovation Prize in the UKSEDS Lunar Rover Competition! The team then went on to be placed 2nd for Critical Design review and 2nd for best Outreach.

The competition was held at RAL Space in Harwell, Oxfordshire. The objective is for teams to design, build and test small rovers with the purpose of driving into a crater, collecting ice samples from the depths of the craters and returning to a lander. A vibration test is conducted on the rover to simulate a rocket launch - the Sheffield team scored full points in the vibration test round.

The MoonWorks team currently consists of 10 students from across the Faculty of Engineering at both The University of Sheffield and The University of Hull, including ACSE Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering student, Mohammed Bahgat. The team is led by SELA (Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy) member Joyce Fontanilla, with academic support provided by the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering's (ACSE) Dr Viktor Fedun.

The Sheffield Space Initiative (SSI) was founded following the success of SunbYte (Sheffield University Nova Balloon Experiments Lifted Solar Telescope) who were the only team to win the prestigious REXUS/BEXUS competition. Consisting of the nova balloon launching the self-made telescope up to 30km above the earth to capture images of the sun which aren’t distorted by the air. This was then followed by SunrIde who won the best Accurate Altitude Award at the Spaceport America Cup 2018. The SSI aims to further engage students in the science and engineering challenges involved in the exploration of space. MoonWorks is one of the teams under this initiative.

Read more about MoonWorks.

SSI: Thank you for the support and funding provide by the Department of ACSE, Aerospace, Faculty of Engineering, IET, the Alumni Fund and the School of Mathematics and Statistics.