Ewha Womans University visits the University of Sheffield

Students from Ewha Womans University toured the facilities at Sheffield Robotics to learn more about robots and their use in medicine robotics.

Last month students from a South Korean University visited Sheffield Robotics Laboratory as part of a larger tour focused on Medical Robotics, involving universities in London and University of Sheffield. The students were from Ewha Womans University, based in Seoul,  one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea with a history dating back to 1886.

Ewha students

While visiting the laboratories the students saw demonstrations of some of the exciting new technology being developed by engineers. During their time in the lab the students from Ewha Womans University saw presentations from a number of researchers and engineers looking at the various projects currently underway: from tissue regeneration, and tissue engineering to soft and flexible robotics, to assistive robots.

Students from Ewha

While visiting the Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Laboratory and the University of Sheffield's Microrobotics Laboratory, the students could interact with the ingestible surgical robots through remote control, and appreciate the benefit of soft medical robots for seamless surgical interventions and treatment.

Dr Dana Damian, Director of Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Laboratory said “It was a privilege to host the students visiting from Ewha Womans University. It’s great to see the enthusiasm for medical technology of the next generation of female leaders in the field.”