Congratulations to ACSE Academics on their Recent Grant Award Success!

Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation

Mahnaz Arvaneh for her role in securing funding for the project entitled 'Brain-controlled assistive devices'. (Value to ACSE: £3,000)

The Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation awards grants to individuals and institutions in the UK and Japan in all areas of the visual and performing arts, the humanities, the social sciences, science and engineering, mathematics, business studies, and education, including schools and universities, and grass roots and professional groups.


Robert Harrison for his role in securing funding for the project entitled 'Mobility for Life'. (Value to ACSE: £14,960)

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the UK's main agency for funding research in engineering and the physical sciences. EPSRC invests around £800 million a year in research and postgraduate training, to help the nation handle the next generation of technological change.

Weston Park Hospital

Robert Harrison again for his role in securing funding for the project entitled 'Predicting disease relapse'. (Value to ACSE: £9,985)

Weston Park Hospital is one of only four dedicated cancer hospitals in England and its reputation as a centre of excellence in the fight against cancer is recognised not only here in the UK, but also internationally.

Rolls Royce

For their continued support to the Rolls Royce UTC and securing funding for another year, my thanks to Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Paul Trodden, Inaki Esnaola, Simon Pope, Tony Dodd and Andy Mills. (Value to ACSE: £329,000)

The UTC in Control and Monitoring Systems Engineering was established in 1993 by Rolls-Royce plc. It is situated within the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

In this Research Centre we co-ordinate and direct programmes of systems and control research for Rolls-Royce and we are devoted to looking after Rolls-Royce's technical interests in the fields of control and monitoring systems.

Well done to all involved for their efforts and hard work.