Grant Award Success: September 2018 

Congratulations to the following members of staff on their recent grant award successes:


SYstems Science-based design and manufacturing of DYnamic MATerials and Structures (SYSDYMATS) (value to ACSE £488,398)

Congratulations to Zi-Qiang Lang and Visakan Kadirkamanathan for their roles in securing funding for the SYSDYMATS project, which aims to develop an innovative digital manufacturing methodology based on complex systems science in the manufacture of dynamic materials and structures.

MRC- Consortium Development for SIPHER (expenses only grant):

Congratulations to Robin Purshouse and Visakan Kadirkamanathan for their roles in winning a grant to develop the SIPHER consortium (Systems-science Informed Public Health Economic Research for Non-communicable Disease Prevention). SIPHER aims to develop new forms of data monitoring and systems modelling evidence that helps devolved regional and national governments identify opportunities for the strategic alignment of policies affecting key drivers of health and health inequalities across sectors, and inform budget allocation decisions. Robin Purshouse is Co-Director of SIPHER; Visakan Kadirkamanathan is workstream lead for the systems modelling. The consortium involves research partners in the universities of Sheffield, Edinburgh and Leeds, as well as practice partners in Sheffield City Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Scottish Government.

Well done to all for their efforts and hard work.