ACSE makes a Green Impact!

ACSE are so pleased to announce that we have won Bronze and The Best Newcomer Award at this year's Green Impact University Awards ceremony.

On May 15th 2014 Green Impact University joined with Green Impact Students' Union, Green Impact Student Homes and Food for Life (part of Sheffield on a Plate) to celebrate a year of sustainability success with a joint awards ceremony.

The event mirrored the story of Green Impact from its origins in Students Unions to its expansion to universities and its growth out into the community through Green Impact Student Homes.

The ACSE green team have achieved the Bronze award for 2013-14. We were especially pleased as it is unusual for a team to achieve this kind of progress within their first year. We did this by encouraging staff and students to reduce their energy consumption, recycle and go paperless, use green methods of transport and consume fairtrade products. We've had fun along the way; hosting fairtrade coffee mornings and clothes swap shops. We were also awarded an additional certificate - The Best Newcomer award.

ACSE Green Impact Team

Congratulations to all the ACSE Green Team members:

Dr Tony Dodd, Dr Iñaki Esnaola, Richard Holmes, Jenni Tolan, Liz Woodward, Kirsty Peach, Emma Shepherd and Debbie Proctor

Further information:

ACSE Green Impact webpages  |  University Green Impact Scheme