N8 Student Network launches at the University of Sheffield

Students from eight universities across the UK have opened the N8 Robotics and
Autonomous Systems Student Network at a launch event.

PhD Students gathered at Sheffield Robotics at the University of Sheffield on the 12 September 2017 to share their
experiences of robotics projects across the 8 universities as well as hearing from industry and research experts.

The N8 Student Network is supported by the N8 Research
, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to
promote deeper collaboration between universities, establish innovative research programmes and drive economic growth. The partnership is made up of the eight most research
intensive universities in the North of England, including Durham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

PhD students at the N8 Student Network Launch

Speakers discussed all aspects of robotics and autonomous systems from signage systems for improving human interaction and acceptance to validation and verifications strategies for ensuring robots behave as intended.

Following on from the success of the event, a programme of further activities is being developed to further promote networking and industrial engagement.

Stanislava Naneva, the Student Representative from the University of Sheffield, said: “The N8 Student Network helps to promote research done by PhD students as well as creating useful contacts between the universities involved. It’s essential for PhD students, who are on the first step of become experts in their chosen research areas, to have these opportunities to network and develop their ideas with their peers. It prepares them for the future and gives them the experience and confidence to talk at conferences.”

Nick Goldspink, Interim Director of the N8 Research Partnership, said: “By creating connections between students at the N8 universities, and bringing industry leaders to share their experiences, we hope to enhance the research experience for our PhD students and open up new directions for collaboration and for their future careers."

To find out more about the N8 Research Partnership and the universities involved, visit their website at www.n8research.org.uk.