PGR Symposium 2019

Yesterday (27th February 2019) was ACSE’s PGR Symposium event. The event was held in the Pam Liversidge building, with lunch and coffee offered in the Ideas Space in the Robert Hadfield Building – allowing time for networking and research discussions.

PGR Symposium 1

2nd year PGR students have to present a poster or deliver a presentation as part of a departmental progression requirement. There was a great show of posters exhibited at the event and presentations from the following Postgraduate Researchers:

  • Chris Wirth - Implicit brain-computer communication for robotic control
  • Zhenglin Li - Autonomous flame detection in videos with a Dirichlet process Gaussian mixture colour model
  • Zak Hodgson - Autonomous monitoring of contaminants in fluids
  • Eduardo Roberto Perez Guagnelli - High expandable linear actuators: A design challenge for soft robotic implants that require sustained traction forces
  • Robert Worley - Bio-inspired sensing and control for flying robots
  • Miguel Arrieta - Universal privacy guarantees for smart meters
  • Ke Sun - Learning requirements for stealth attacks
  • Abidemi Ajiborisha - Model predictive load frequency control of a deregulated power system with battery energy storage

Keynote speakers included; ACSE’s Dr Dana Damian, who’s research resides at the intersection between soft robotics, embodied artificial intelligence and bioengineering, and Dr Alex Fletcher from the School of Mathematics & Statistics. Dr Fletcher develops and applies mathematical models to study biological systems, in particular how tissue-level behaviour emerges from cell-level processes in the embryo.

PGR Symposium 2

This year's Symposium was particularly well attended. The excellent programme showcased the breadth and quality of research being conducted by the department.

Dr Roderich Gross, ACSE’s Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Computational Intelligence

To conclude the day prizes were awarded for 'Best Poster' and 'Best Presentation', the winners are as follows:

Best Poster (shared award)

  • Matthew Hall
  • Lalis Millan Blanquel

Best Presentation (shared award)

  • Eduardo Perez Guagnelli
  • Zhenglin Li

Massive congratulations to the winning students and a big thank you to the three student organisers; Igiri Onaji, Mohamed Atwya and Shiv Gangapersad, for making the day such a great success.

What a great event highlighting ACSE’s amazing research!