Evaluation of the University of Sheffield Nystagmus Information Pack

Nystagmus evaluation questionnaire.

Previous research by the Division of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics research team at the University of Sheffield into patient information and nystagmus, found a need for better information about the condition to be more readily available. As a result, we produced the Nystagmus Information Pack, a free online resource which was jointly funded by Nystagmus Network and the University of Sheffield. The Nystagmus Information Pack is aimed at people with nystagmus, families, teachers, clinicians and other professionals wanting to find out more about nystagmus.

The Nystagmus Information Pack was released in 2017 and has been viewed and downloaded thousands of times, all around the world. We are now keen to evaluate the accessibility and content of the Nystagmus Information Pack. An online evaluation questionnaire has been produced and we are inviting you to complete the questionnaire, which you can access here. The deadline to complete the evaluation questionnaire is Friday 17th July 2020. 

The link to the questionnaire is: https://forms.gle/apdQGshHXpmReBq69