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Sheffield Students' Union

The University of Sheffield is an exempt charity, and your donations are transformational. You can help invest in world-class research, provide outstanding teaching and learning facilities, and ensure that the brightest students, regardless of background or financial ability, are able to achieve their full potential and take advantage of the range of experiences a university education has to offer.

As a member of our community, you will already know what great opportunities a Sheffield education offers, and may have experienced yourself the benefits that financial support can provide during your studies.

Our fundraising projects

Alongside a range of projects which your donations help to support, there are three key areas that are a continuing priority to the University. Find out more about our fundraising projects and how your donation can support them.

Scholarships and student support

Scholarships and student support

Increasing numbers of students are finding it more and more difficult to continue into higher education, effectively blocking their access to a range of senior professions such as law, medicine, engineering or research, and preventing them from fulfilling their potential. Your donations give these students the chance to continue their education, when it otherwise might not be possible.

Your donations also help students to broaden their horizons by studying abroad, as well providing for students who experience sudden changes in circumstances through our Hardship Fund.

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Student experience

Student experience

Extracurricular activities have always been an important part of student life at Sheffield, and our Students' Union is now home to over 300 student-led clubs and societies. Alumni donations are used to support clubs and societies and cutting-edge departmental projects, ensuring that Sheffield remains an exciting and fulfilling place to study.

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Research at the University of Sheffield


Research at the University of Sheffield has a huge impact on people’s lives here in the UK and further afield. Our experts are working to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems – like disease, climate change and food security.

By making a gift to support research at Sheffield, you’ll support the very best projects taking place all over the University. For example, you could help our medics find treatments for life-affecting conditions faster, play a part in safeguarding our world against the impact of environmental change, and help protect communities around the world from the impact of natural disasters.

A history built on philanthropy

More than 100 years ago, the local people of Sheffield – captains of industry and factory workers alike – understood the tremendous impact that a university for Sheffield would have on improving their children’s lives through education; on regional and international trade; and on society’s health, wellbeing and future prosperity. So strongly did they believe in higher education as a force for good, that they raised £50,000 in penny collections (around £15 million today) to build a university in their city.

Their donations, both large and small, made an incredible difference. So can yours.

Thanks to our founders’ incredible philanthropic support, our University is now an internationally-renowned seat of learning of which our students, staff, alumni, and the city, can be justifiably proud.

To date, we have received over 30,000 donations from alumni and friends, raising over £50 million that have made countless projects possible all across the University. And in order to continue making a difference to our students and to society, we need the support of alumni and friends like you.

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