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PhD scholarships will help talented students tackle climate change, resolve the energy crisis and discover new ways the treat life-threatening disease. 


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What difference will my support make?

  • You'll encourage the most talented students to progress their research careers, meaning the brightest minds can reach their full academic potential.
  • You'll level the playing field, enabling those from low-income households to pursue their passions - no matter their background.
  • You'll help someone with a thirst for knowledge to tackle the big challenges facing humanity and the planet.

With so many environmental issues facing us right now, this project really inspired me. But no one in my family has ever done anything like this. It made me question if I could do it.

To think that my work will help solve one of humanity's biggest crises is really rewarding. It wouldn't have been achievable without the scholarship.

I'm so grateful for my PhD Scholarship and hope more people like me will have the same opportunity.

James Harman-Thomas

Sustainable Fuel Systems

What your gift will support

A laptop, software, travel for research, access to journals, rent, food and utility bills - it all adds up. And as the cost of living crisis heightens, so do the barriers for students from low-income backgrounds. 

Receiving a scholarship can change the course of a student's life forever.

They may come from lower-income or disadvantaged families, be the first in their family to go to university or have no family support at all. Our PhD scholars all have one thing in common, their academic talent.

Society has so much to gain from these students, their passion and drive will help to change the world.

With you by their side, they'll bring new perspectives to their field of study and help marginalised voices to be heard. 

Beth is so grateful to the people helping her pursue her passion.

Every bright idea has to start somewhere. Today, it can start with you. 

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