Thank you for speaking to us!

You have been so generous with your time and hearts. And thanks to the generosity of alumni like you, the student call team has raised over £24,000 for disadvantaged students at your university.

Student Fundraiser expecting calls

As a scholarship recipient, I know first hand the amazing impact that it has had on my university experience and my studies. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to support Sheffield students in this way.”


3rd year Sociology with Criminology student and Student Caller

Thank you to everyone who picked up the phone to speak to Chloe and the student call team last semester. From business management and philosophy to medicine and engineering, the call team embodies the sense of diversity you find at the University. Each of them has a unique personality nurtured by different interests, cultures and backgrounds - making each conversation one of a kind and a completely different experience! Thank you so much for generously sharing your experiences and advice with them. 

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Impressive Results

Student callers holding "Thank You" sign

Over the course of the six-week 2022 Calling Campaign, the student team have collectively: 

  • Made an impressive 6,370 phone calls
  • Spend over 415 hours chatting on the phone
  • Spoken to 582 alumni - from recent graduates to those who graduated in the 1950s!


  • Spoken to 73 fantastic alumni who have chosen to make a regular or single gift.
  • Raised over £24,000 for Student Scholarships and Hardship! That's enough to fund a full scholarship for 6 grateful students starting University this September.

Just by picking up the phone and sharing your memories of Sheffield, your career advice and your own journey since graduation has meant so much to the team. You’ve helped them develop their communication skills, work as a team and form great friendships with each other.

Thank you for making this year’s student calling an incredible success!