Research centres and institutes

The faculty is home to leading centres that foster innovative interdisciplinary research.

Faculty research centres

Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies

An interdisciplinary research centre unique to the UK. The centre brings together all expertise in Dutch Studies at the University of Sheffield. It aims to be a national and international focus for Dutch Studies and to stimulate interest in the culture of the Low Countries.

Centre website

Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies

One of the largest and most respected centres for early modern studies in the world, with expertise in history, literature, linguistics and philosophy. Topics include the late medieval period, musicology, social history, American colonies, manuscripts, material culture and social practice.

SCEMS website

Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies

The Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies supports collaborative research on fundamental issues concerning the nature of cognition. The centre is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together researchers across a broad range of different fields from many universities in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

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Centre for the History of the Gothic

The centre brings together colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities who have an interest in the historical and national contexts in which the Gothic of the eighteenth century emerges, and the influence it had on the nineteenth century Gothic.

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Centre for Korean Studies

The Centre provides a home for the University of Sheffield’s research and teaching in the interdisciplinary field of Korean Studies. Housed within one of the largest East Asian Studies departments in Europe, the Centre marks Sheffield out as a leading hub for Korean Studies in the region and the world.

Centre website

Centre for Linguistic Research

A research forum for linguists in the School of English and the School of Language and Cultures with the three-fold mission to bring together linguistics researchers, support bids for projects, and develop joint initiatives for postgraduate research and training. 

Linguistic Research website

Centre for Luxembourg Studies

The Centre for Luxembourg studies is unique globally. The multilingualism and multiculturalism of Luxembourg, coupled with the ongoing promotion of the national language, make it a key research site for cutting-edge research in the humanities and social sciences.

Luxembourg Studies website

Centre for Contemporary and Modern History (CoMo)

CoMo brings together international research expertise that ranges across the globe. We provide a hub for people who conduct historical research on an individual basis or as part of a wider research portfolio. We share a belief that the modern and contemporary world is best understood as an interconnected whole and we bring a historical perspective to current events.

CoMo website

The Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre

The University of Sheffield is recognised as a leader in the field of Animal Studies, a burgeoning sub-field of interdisciplinary academic inquiry, largely across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences but also some branches of Life Sciences.

Centre website

Medieval and Ancient Research Centre

Bringing together a concentration of research and teaching expertise that is unique within the UK. Ranging from archaic Greece to Renaissance Europe, MARCUS represents an array of disciplines, from history to biblical studies, from philosophy to languages, and from archaeology to music.

MARCUS website

Music, Mind, Machine Research Centre (MMM)

Music, Mind, Machine Research Centre (MMM) in Sheffield combines musicology, psychology and computer science to investigate music cognition and behaviour, aiming to form a bridge between these disciplines in terms of methodology and collaboration.

Centre website

Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies

Attracting scholars across the University and promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Our interests extend over the whole breadth of the 'long Nineteenth Century' covering British, American and European history, literature and culture.

Centre website

Sheffield Centre for Research in Film

The Sheffield Centre for Research in Film (SCRIF) acts as a hub for a diverse, interdisciplinary community of scholars and researchers, from the University of Sheffield and beyond, with shared interests in the significance, analysis, role and impact of the moving image.

SCRIF webpages

Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre (SPARC)

Collaborating with organisations and venues to investigate audience experiences of live music. Recent research includes audience experiences of contemporary arts and music, and an AHRC network is now exploring the classical music ecologies of cities in the UK, Netherlands and Austria.

SPARC website

Centre for Poetry and Poetics

Bringing together those fascinated by poetry, including academics, poets, publishers, students, and readers. It comprises faculty from the University of Sheffield, alongside Sheffield based poets, presses and other affiliates.

CPP website

The Prokhorov Centre

A hub of expertise and research on the intellectual and cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe at the University. Cultural history encompasses not only literature and the arts, but also various forms of a community's social organisation and ideological orientation, and their interrelations.

Prokhorov Centre website

Centre for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SCIBS)

The Sheffield Centre for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SCIBS) is one of the leading global institutes for innovative, multidisciplinary research on the Bible. The centre's research is internationally recognised and explores a variety of interests in ancient and contemporary contexts.

Centre website

Centre for Engaged Philosophy

The Centre for Engaged Philosophy brings together scholars and practitioners dedicated to philosophical practices that aim to inform, learn from, and build, ongoing collaborative relationships of import beyond the academy.

Centre website

Contemporary Folklore Research Centre

An interdisciplinary centre to bring together academics and community members across the UK to explore the many facets of folklore in contemporary society. Conscientiously exploring Participatory Research methods, group projects and individual academics. Actively developing new projects and mentoring ECRs.

Centre website

University and White Rose Research Centres

Centre for the History of Philosophy

CHiPhi (kī fī) was established with a grant from the White Rose University Consortium to bring together expertise in history of philosophy at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York as well as Durham to consolidate and promote research and teaching in the field.

CHiPhi project pages

Medical Humanities Sheffield

The interface between medicine and science on the one hand, and the arts and social sciences on the other hand, is one of the most exciting and important in modern academic life, offering unrivalled potential for multi-disciplinary work, policymaking, and public life.

Medical Humanities website