See some of the projects and events that we’ve done in the past.

An individual explaining a festival exhibition to others
An individual explaining an exhibit to a younger individual. The exhibit appears to be focused around animal bones.
A group discussing a historical exhibit at a festival
An outdoor festival exhibit in which two individuals are discussing the exhibit as others walk past. "Ignite Imaginations" appears in the background.
A book reading taking place, with one individual sat on a stage and another stood, holding an open book
An acoustic band playing live music in front of an audience indoors.
Two individuals sat in front of an audience, discussing slides as shown on a projector screen behind them
An individual on a formal stage, giving some kind of speech to an audience
A group of individuals sat on a stage with microphones, ready to sing; one of them is sat at a piano
A group of younger individuals creating art of some kind, with adult supervision and assistance
A large group meeting outdoors for a festival with some cloudy weather. The shot is taken from low down.
A group reviewing some content as part of a festival indoors, using a projected screen on a wall