“I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, enhanced my confidence and independence."

Isobel Wright smiles to the camera
Isobel Wright
Placement at Hydra Creative
English Literature student
Isobel Wright completed a placement at Hydra Creative which went so well they have offered her a job after she graduates!
Isobel Wright smiles to the camera

Before my placement, I was struggling with anxiety and a lack of motivation. I felt that I lacked the confidence, direction and skillset to realise what I could achieve. I knew that I needed a change of pace and mindset – this was when I decided to search for a placement.

After careful research, emailing, and discussions with the placement team; I was able to find a suitable company and position. I am now a Marketing Studio Assistant at Sheffield-based digital agency Hydra Creative. I was welcomed by the team at Hydra into a supportive environment that prioritises attitude to learning and self-growth – it was exactly what I needed to refocus.

During my time at Hydra Creative, I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, enhanced my confidence and independence, and experienced the challenges and rewards of working in the digital industry. This has allowed me to gain crucial skills preparing me for the working world. I have had the opportunity to be creative and work on my interests surrounded by like-minded and inspirational people. As I near the end of my placement, I understand that there is always potential for me to improve, that mistakes are not failures, and that I can achieve what I want to as long as I believe in my abilities.

I believe that the skills and experience acquired through my placement year will help to shape my progress and mindset in the upcoming academic year. I had the opportunity to enhance my writing and researching abilities, my creative thinking, as well as my communication and teamwork skills – which I am grateful to share are only a few of my developed areas. I strengthened my ability to write clear, concise, and well-researched arguments with a unique perspective on a topic of interest. I feel confident that this will be of significant benefit to my academic projects in my final year.

My mental health has been a personal challenge, but I have had valuable experiences and am extremely grateful to Hydra Creative for all that they have taught me to date. I’m looking forward to returning to my course and engaging entirely with the community at the University of Sheffield, as well as with the resources available to me with a dedicated and positive mindset.

Seven months into my placement, the directors of Hydra Creative, Gemma and Ryan, offered me a job with them after graduation. I am excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to the future I will have with the team.

I would like to express my appreciation to the placement team at the University of Sheffield for supporting and guiding me through the process. I also want to give my special thanks to Gavin (Faculty Student Experience Advisor - Employability Lead), who has been a friendly and supportive guide along the way.

Gemma, Client Services Director at Hydra Creative, said:

"Since Isobel started with us in September last year, I have witnessed her grow in confidence and ability. She came into this placement with an exemplary attitude towards the opportunity, and has always been eager to learn and take on new experiences. Of all the placements we've had over the years, Isobel has been the one to make the absolute most of every opportunity. She has improved in confidence, skills, timekeeping and planning, all of which are essential when working in industry. Isobel has embraced every lesson she has learnt, has fitted in well with the rest of the team, and has found her voice. I have no doubt that beyond her degree, she will continue to develop her skills, and embrace new opportunities with positivity. Well done, Isobel!"