Western Bank and Upper Hanover Street

Western Bank


There'll be new and improved crossings on Western Bank and Upper Hanover Street to help boost safety for our own students and staff, as well as for the general public.

Getting from the Arts Tower concourse to the Student's Union will be much easier when the new and improved crossings are in place. 

Pedestrians on Western Bank will no longer have to wait for two sets of traffic lights . There will be a new right turn on Clarkson Street and the 51 and 52 buses will be re-routed down here, via Durham Road onto Glossop Road.

Work updates

  • The left hand turn from Glossop Road onto Upper Hanover Street (outside Sainsbury's) has been permanently closed - bollards will be installed at a later date. Vehicles can no longer turn left from Glossop Road onto Upper Hanover Street and instead need to access Broad Lane via St.George's Terrace in order to reach the Brook Hill roundabout. 
  • Sheffield City Council have carried out traffic modelling along the route, and tell us the changes are necessary to ensure that buses travelling down Glossop Road are not delayed by cars waiting at the traffic lights. Vehicle access will still be possible as usual from Glossop Road onto Hounsfield Road.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times, although there may be some temporary diversions. The contractor is working with Sainsbury's to minimise disruption to their service.
  • The new pedestrian crossing which will connect Hounsfield Road and the Arts Tower will be in place by November
  • Improvements continue to be made to the new crossing near the Brook Hill roundabout, with the team working overnight to minimise disruption
  • This includes laying the remaining paving for the footpath and the installation of the new traffic lights
  • Work has started on the Upper Hanover Street central crossing (tram crossing) on nights to minimise disruption. This will include paving each side of the crossing and making changes to the central reservation. 
  • A contraflow system has been put in place for the duration of the work - it is currently one lane down Western Bank towards the Brook Hill roundabout and two lanes going up Western Bank 
  • Only essential delivery vehicles can access the Arts Tower Court via Western Bank
  • Deliveries classed as essential include: emergency vehicles, bin lorries and vehicles delivering gases
  • All other vehicles requiring access to the Arts Tower car park must use the Bolsover Street entrance at the rear of the building - due to height and loading restrictions at the rear of the Arts Tower, vehicles using Bolsover Street will not be permitted if they exceed 3.2m height or 7.5 tonnes weight
  • Cyclists and motorcyclists also need to use the entrance at the rear of the Arts Tower, on Bolsover Street while work takes place on the front entrance, Western Bank
  • Once the work is completed cyclists will be able to use the Western Bank entrance - motorcyclists will need to use the Bolsover Street entrance at all times
  • The access changes mentioned above are permanent and will apply after the new crossing is in place
  • The road lining for the Arts Tower, Bolsover Street access will be put in place this week
  • A lay-by on Bolsover Street has been proposed for tall or heavy deliveries - we will provide further details on this in due course 

Potential Noise Disruption (Information Commons)

Due to the work on Upper Hanover street/Leavygreave Road West there could be potential noise disruption in the Information Commons.

We hope the work will not disturb your studies, but if you do find it disruptive at any time, please visit shef.ac.uk/library/libsites to find alternative study spaces. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you during the exam revision period. 

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