Access your electronic HEAR/transcript

How to access your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and official electronic transcript through the new Gradintelligence system (previously ShARe).



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From March 2021 onwards, we’ll issue your official certification of results and achievements via a new and improved system called Gradintelligence (previously done via the ShARe System). 

You can access Gradintelligence documents securely online at any time, in any location, and share them (e.g. with employers) to evidence your University of Sheffield achievements. We’ll use Gradintelligence to issue: 

  • Electronic transcripts to Postgraduate Taught and Visiting Students at the end of your period of study
  • Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEARs) to Undergraduate Students after every exam period, to give you evidence of your latest results and achievements

If you’re an Undergraduate or Visiting Student, we’ll issue your upcoming HEAR/transcript via this new system by the end of March 2021.

Current students 

To access any documents we’ve issued to you, you must activate your Gradintelligence account by creating a username and password. 

You can continue to use these details to log in to your account after you’ve left the University via the Gradintelligence site.

Log in to Gradintelligence (external site)

We’ll email your University email account from, inviting you to activate your account and access your transcript/HEAR by the following dates:

  • 19 March 2021 (Visiting Students)
  • 26 March 2021 (Undergraduate Students) 

If you’re a Visiting Student, you must remember to share your transcript with your home university via the Gradintelligence system. To do this:

  • Enter your login details at
  • Select ‘My Documents’
  • Click on ‘Share’ next to your transcript
  • Enter the email of a contact at your home institution

Before you leave the University

Before you leave the University, you’ll need to change the email associated with your Gradintelligence account to a non-University of Sheffield address. Gradintelligence will prompt you to do this when you complete your course.


If you graduated between 2015 and 2021

You can access your digital transcript/HEAR in Gradintelligence if you:

  • started your undergraduate studies in September 2012 or later
  • started your postgraduate studies in September 2014 or later

If you’ve graduated from the University and need to access replacement documents for documents issued to you via our previous ShARe system, you’ll need to activate your new Gradintelligence account via the Account Recovery Page, and verify your identity. 

To activate your account you'll be asked for your student ID, which is your University registration number.

If you’re unable to verify your identity this way, or you cannot remember your registration number, please complete the form below and include details of an email address you can access (we’ll link your Gradintelligence account to this address so that the system can send you an account activation link).

Email SSiD about Gradintelligence

If you graduated between 2003 and 2014

You can request an official digital academic transcript from the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) if you:

  • started your undergraduate studies before September 2012
  • started your postgraduate studies before September 2014

For further information please visit:

If you have documents in the old ShARe system

If you have documents in the old ShARe system, we’ll automatically transfer these over to the new Gradintelligence system. 

If you’ve shared a document with someone else via the ShARe system, you’ll need to re-share your replacement document via Gradintelligence. 

Hard copy documents

We don’t issue hard copies of official transcripts and HEARs unless you can demonstrate a specific need for one.

You can download and print a PDF copy of your Gradintelligence documents using standard internet browser functionality, but your documents are only considered valid and verified when accessed via Gradintelligence (external site)

Your privacy 

For information about how Gradintelligence store, process and secure your data, visit: 


For questions about the Gradintelligence service or your account, please contact Gradintelligence Customer Services: 

If you have any questions about the content of your document, please contact the Student Administration Service.

If you’re a former student and would like to be issued with an electronic transcript to evidence your achievements, please contact our Student Services Information Desk.

    Third parties 

    If a student or graduate has shared a document with you via our Digitary-based ShARe system, this will no longer be available from Thursday 8 April 2021.

    If you need to access a document (e.g. in relation to a student's application), the student will need to share with you the replacement document that we have issued to them via our new Gradintelligence system. Students can find instructions on sharing documents within the Gradintelligence system above.

    For further questions about the Gradintelligence service or accessing documents that our students have shared with you, please contact Gradintelligence Customer Services: 

    Document legitimacy and security

    • All documents are original versions issued by University officials. 
    • They bear the signature of the University Secretary and University Stamp. 
    • Documents issued via Gradintelligence are digitally signed with an electronic seal (University of Sheffield advanced electronic signature (AdES) with a qualified electronic certificated (QES)). 
    • These digital credentials are compliant with international standards and are legally valid, tamper-proof documents which students can freely share with anyone they choose, as verification of their University achievements.

    Gradintelligence is a global established service, with over a thousand universities and many thousands of employers, embassies, credential check agencies and ministries of education using it to verify student achievements.