Post-study support

After you’ve graduated from Sheffield you’ll lose access to various services, but there are still some you can access as a graduate.

UCard and student account closure

After you’ve graduated from Sheffield your student account will be closed and your UCard will stop working. For more information, visit:

Student account closure

University documents

The University documents you can get as a graduate and how to request them.

Certificates and Verification

University Health Service

If you were registered with UHS as a student and you still live in Sheffield you can continue to use their services. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to register with another GP (unless you're in the middle of treatment). 

University Health Service


Immigration advice and information if you have completed, or are about to complete, your studies at Sheffield.

Immigration - support after your studies

Library alumni membership

Once you've graduated you can apply for a library alumni pass online which gives you access to the library's services. 

Library alumni membership 

Sport Sheffield membership

You can still access Sport Sheffield after you graduate. You can keep paying the student rate as long as your membership continues, or you can join after graduation on an Alumni membership.

Sport Sheffield alumni membership


The Alumni team will help you stay connected - to the city, to your university and your worldwide network of other Sheffield Alumni.


Careers and employability

You can still speak to the Careers and Employability Service for advice online, via phone or in person You can also access tailored evens like job fairs and webinars for graduates. 

Careers and Employability Service

301 Academic Skills Centre

There are a range of study-skills resources you can access online without a student log-in. 
Study skills online resources

Safety Net Policy (2019–20 assessments)

The University's Safety Net Policy, designed to provide a ‘safety net’ for all students adversely impacted by the impacts of the coronavirus during the 2019-20 academic session.

Safety Net Policy (2019–20 assessments)