Everybody with an interest in Dutch and Flemish Studies is welcome at our public events.

Postcards from Oostende

Everybody with an interest in Dutch and Flemish Studies is welcome to join us at our public and research events. If you would like to be kept informed about the activities of the Centre, please email the Centre Director to be put on our mailing list. 

If you would like your interest recorded on our website, please get in touch too.

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Name Function Dutch Studies expertise
Henriette Louwerse Senior Lecturer in Dutch; Director Modern Dutch literature, especially migration and literature, issues of multiculturalism, and women´s writing in Dutch
Timothy Baycroft Senior Lecturer in Modern History Flemish nationalism, French Flanders
Henk de Berg Professor of German Intellectual history and social thought
Filip De Ceuster Tutor for Dutch Language and Dutch Studies The modern city, the countryside, interwar literature, the Flemish Movement, authorial self-fashioning and posture.
Anna Geurts Honorary Research Fellow and tutor in Dutch language and Dutch and Flemish history  18th-20th century cultural and social history
Simon Middleton Senior Lecturer in History The New Netherlands
Anthony Milton Professor of Early Modern History Anglo-Dutch relations, anti-catholicism, the Synod of Dort
Bob Moore Professor of 20th Century European History The history of the Netherlands, especially the Netherlands in the Second World War
Michael Perraudin Emeritus Professor of German 19th and 20th century Dutch literature
Duco van Oostrum Senior Lecturer in English Sports writing and autobiography. Anton de Kom, representation of slavery and slave narratives in English and Dutch
Cydney Sturgess Postgraduate Research Student Literary constructions of gender and sexuality and 20th century Dutch history
Renee Timmers Senior Lecturer in Music Dutch musical culture
Eddy Verbaan Honorary Research Fellow Early modern intellectual history, the history of science and scholarship, urban history, historiography, and memory studies
Roel Vismans Emeritus Professor in Dutch Studies Dutch language and linguistics, especially pragmatics and sociolinguistics
Jan Woudstra Reader in Landscape History and Theory Dutch landscape

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