Professor Alan Tennant

PhD, BEng

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

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Professor of Applied Electromagnetics

Electrical Machines and Drives Research Group

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Professor Alan Tennant
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I received a BEng degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 1985.

Following a period in industry (BAe Systems, Stevenage), I studied at Sheffield University and obtained a PhD degree in Electromagnetic Engineering/Medical Physics in 1992.

I then joined the Defence Research Agency (DRA) where I worked on phased array antenna systems before taking up an academic post at Hull University.

I returned to Sheffield University in 2001 as a Senior Lecturer and I am currently Professor of Applied Electromagnetics.

My research is focused on Antennas, Radar and Stealth (making things invisible to radar).

I am researching “active stealth” which is a bit like the Klingon cloaking device in Star Trek. When the cloak is switched on the Klingon spacecraft becomes invisible to the sensors on the Enterprise.

I am also developing new techniques for secure wireless communication that allow sensitive information to be transmitted without being “spied on” by eavesdroppers.

My research has attracted substantial funding from both industry and government sources including BAE Systems, DERA, DTi, QinetiQ, DSTL, MoD and EPSRC”

  • PhD (1992, University of Sheffield)
  • BEng (1985, University of Sheffield)
Research interests
  • Radar signature management
  • Active radar absorbers
  • Textile (knitted) electromagnetic antennas and structures
  • Phase modulating microwave structures and systems
  • Antennas
  • Phased array antennas and systems
  • Secure antenna modulation techniques

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


  • Takahagi K & Tennant A (2023) A nonreciprocal, magnetic metasurface, Authorea, Inc.. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Zhang J, Liu W, Tennant A, Qi W, Chen J & Zhang J (2023) Spatial Scattering Modulation with Multipath Component Aggregation Based on Antenna Arrays. RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Electrical Machines and Drives

Teaching activities
  • EEE334
  • EEE6220
  • EEE347
  • EEE6012
  • First Year Profession Skills
Professional activities and memberships
  • Aerospace board of studies
  • Professor of Applied Electromagnetics
Research students


Primary supervisor:

  • Kaleeba P N
  • Mufti S
  • Shi H
  • Tong Y
  • Wang Y

Secondary supervisor:

  • Alamri SM
  • Hawes M B
  • Hu D H
  • Mohd Yasin M N