Dr Kristian Groom

PhD, MPhys

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Semiconductor Materials and Devices Research Group

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Dr Kristian Groom
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I graduated with a MPhys (1999) and a PhD (2003) both from the Dept. of Physics at The University of Sheffield. My thesis detailed research into the carrier processes and dynamics in quantum dot lasers.

I joined the EEE Dept in 2003 initially as a postdoctoral researcher investigating quantum dot lasers for telecommunications applications as part of a European project, but soon became involved in developing device fabrication capabilities for a broad range of additional projects including quantum cascade lasers, InP photodiodes, and single photon devices.

In 2005 I was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship for research into advanced semiconductor laser engineering, focusing on regrowth technologies for GaAs, including buried self-aligned stripe and distributed feedback (ie. single frequency) lasers, which provided a potential platform for GaAs photonic integration and next generation vertically-emitting lasers.

At the same time, a burgeoning interest in biophotonics research drew me in to investigate GaAs based superluminescent diodes as low coherence light sources for application in optical coherence tomography.

Following the end of my Fellowship I was appointed as Lecturer in 2010, moving to Senior Lecturer in 2012.

My research continues to focus on semiconductor optoelectronic component design and manufacture, with an interest in photonic integration and in the application of near- and mid-IR semiconductor lasers, superluminescent diodes, amplifiers, detectors and passive optical elements for application in high value manufacturing methodologies, such as in additive manufacturing and embeddable metrology.

I am currently working on projects to develop capability for the heterogeneous integration of III-V semiconductor components and circuits upon a range of substrates to enable new sensor technologies, both through the collaborative EPSRC Heteroprint project and via the EPSRC Future Photonics Hub.

At the same time, I am pursuing research into the application of laser diode arrays for efficient high-speed additive manufacturing of both metallic and polymer parts.

Research interests
  • Optoelectronic device manufacture using novel fabrication strategies
  • Additive manufacturing using semiconductor laser arrays
  • Semiconductor lasers, superluminescent diodes, optical amplifiers and photodiodes
  • Semiconductor quantum dots
  • Mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
  • Photonic device engineering for application in metrology and biomedical imaging systems

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


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  • Pellegrini S, Warburton RE, Tan LJJ, Ng JS, Krysa AB, Groom K, David JPR, Cova S, Robertson MJ & Buller GS (2006) Design and Performance of an InGaAs-InP Single-Photon Avalanche Diode Detector, arXiv. RIS download Bibtex download
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Teaching activities
  • EEE118 Electronic Devices & Circuits
  • EEE6214 Packaging & Reliability of Microsystems
Professional activities and memberships
  • Senior Lecturer
  • TUoS Manufacturing Research Board member
  • EEE Estates Committee member
  • Nanoscience Management Committee member
Research students
Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Ghazal O M S PhD Graduated Primary

Greenwood P D L

PhD Graduated Primary
Lei H PhD Graduated Primary
Peyvast N PhD Graduated


Jin Xiao PhD Graduated Secondary
Li Wei PhD Graduated Secondary
Qian H  PhD Graduated Secondary
Stevens B J PhD Graduated Secondary
Zavala Arredondo M A PhD Graduated Secondary