Dr Guang-Jin Li

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Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25132

ORCHID: 0000-0002-5956-4033


  • PhD, ENS de Cachan 2011
  • MSc, University of Paris Sud 2008
  • BEng, Wuhan University 2007

Research Activities

  • Novel permanent magnet machines including single and hybrid excited switched flux permanent magnet machines
  • Design of novel switched reluctance machines and their drives including direct torque control and hybrid current control
  • Fault tolerance, fault modelling and diagnostics (inter-turn and phase short-circuit) of permanent magnet machines
  • Thermal modelling of electrical machines
  • Renewable energy and low emission transportation including wind power, electrical/hybrid vehicles, more electrical aircraft


  • Senior Lecturer
  • AMPERE MSc Administrator
  • Departmental Exam Officer
  • Module Leader of EEE 305 "Machine Design"
  • Module Leader of EEE6204 "Permanent Magnet Machines and Actuators"

I graduated from Wuhan University (China) with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation in 2007. Then I received my Master degree in Electric Power Systems from the Université de Paris XI, Supélec and École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan), France, in 2008. I was subsequently awarded a PhD degree from ENS Cachan, France, in July 2011. After almost a further year working as a post-doctoral researcher in SATIE laboratory, ENS Cachan, France, I joined the EMD group at the University of Sheffield as a research associate, in June 2012. I was appointed as a Lecturer in Electrical Machines and Drives in September 2013, and promoted to Senior Lecturer in November 2017, both at The University of Sheffield.

My main research interests focus on the design aspect of electrical machines. I am particularly interested in renewable energy and EV/HEV applications. I work closely with Siemens-Gamesa designing novel permanent magnet machines and high temperature superconducting machines for offshore wind power direct drive (DD) generators.

I also explore thermal management and fault diagnostics of various PM machines such as the switched flux and also hybrid excited switched flux PM machines. These are important areas of research for safety-critical applications such as more electrical aircraft. The fault I am particularly interested is the inter-turn short-circuit, which could cause local overheating and also magnet irreversible demagnetization.

I am also interested in developing magnet free machines, e.g. synchronous reluctance and switched reluctance machines, for applications such as EV/HEV and low cost domestic appliances. These machines can be supplied with both square wave and sinewave currents. The latter can lead to reduced converter cost. Moreover, their torque/power density can be significantly increased while the torque ripple can be reduced, so do the vibrations and acoustic noise levels.

Research Projects
Dates Sponsor Grant Title PI/co-I
July/2017-June/2019 Innovate UK Inverter integrated machine for low carbon vehicles Co-I
July/2017-June/2019 Innovate UK Development of novel power tool motors - KTP PI
Oct./2017-Sept./2022 EPSRC Siemens Wind Power: Prosperity Partnerships Co-I
Oct./2014-Oct./2016 Innovate UK KTP - Cobham CTS Ltd Co-I
Dec./2015-Feb./2016 Siemens-Gamesa Investigation of HTS generator for 10-20 MW wind turns and PhD funding Co-I
Sep./2016-Aug./2017 CSR ZHUZHOU INSTITUTE CO LTD CRRC Research Centre (Phase III) Co-I
Research Students

Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Ma X PhD Graduated Primary
Ren B PhD Graduated Primary
Taras P PhD Graduated Primary