Mr Paul HainesMr Paul Haines

Senior Technician

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tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5871

BTEC Higher National Certificate, Electronic and Electrical Eng. July 1994, Chesterfield college. ONC July 1992, Chesterfield college.

Main Activities

  • Departmental Semiconductor cleanroom facility - Responsible for day to day maintenance and associated safety checks of the cleanroom facility. Currently there are 20 authorised postgraduate/ research assistants who use the facility on a regular basis. In the 97/98 session,82 first yr. and 124 second yr. students accessed the cleanroom as part of the undergraduate teaching. Thus it is imperative that the facility is kept fully functional and any 'down time' is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Teaching / Supervision of Undergraduates within the cleanroom - Instruction of students in semiconductor processing techniques and related issues, use of specialist equipment and chemicals.
  • Core Processing Service - Direct interaction with postgraduate/ research assistants requiring specified specialist device fabrication processes. The operation of complex process lines such as the Plasma enhanced vapour phase deposition system (PECVD). Core processing service also available to members of staff outside the semiconductor group.
  • Maintenance - Installation/ repair/ maintenance of cleanroom equipment e.g. mask aligners, microscopes, plasma processing equipment, vacuum coating systems and video equipment valued in excess of £250k.

Project involvement

  • Micro-Generator - Fabrication of a electromagnetic transducer or generator for use with remote micro-sensor systems. Where an on-chip energy source may be required.
  • Micro-Rotating Gyroscope - Development of a micromotor without use of low friction bearings. Friction reduces the output torque and eventually leads to mechanical failure. The patented device eliminates friction by levitating the rotor using electromagnetic induction.
  • Micro-loud speaker - Fabrication / Development of a hearing-aid for insertion deep into the ear. This reduces problems of acoustic feedback and draws minimal current therefore requiring only a very small battery.
  • Smart pen accelerometer - Fabrication of a motion detection device for use in a smart pen, which is capable of recognising handwriting movement.