Accessibility works

The current work being done and the projects that have been completed to create a more accessible campus.


The table is in chronological order with the most recent initiatives first.

Accessibility Issue Action Taken Status

The western bank library has a dropped kerb, but it has a lip which some wheelchair users struggle to get over without assistance.

Survey carried out that has identified that there is a lip at the top of the ramp several remedial works are being considered with the intention of improving access to the library that are sympathetic to its listed status.


A member of staff is starting in January who has a disability which restricts the use of heavy doors and carrying items. We will need some building adjustments (for example some magnetic hold backs on some heavy doors). My question is whether EFM carry out a building review where this occurs or whether we carry out the review at departmental level and request any adjustments through Planon? This is my first experience of this so am unsure of the process involved.

Following further consultation and survey of the areas affected, a series of improvement works were completed to make the internal areas more accessible - including the installation of devices to hold corridor doors open.


Wheelchair users at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital library are currently having to rely on staff to manually open the accessible entrance every time they leave or come in to the library.

Assessment of the area has been carried out and improvements have been identified and are planned to the entrance doors to the café.

In Progress

The Perak IT Centre (Firth Court Pool Computer Room / Alfred Denny A04) is not accessible to anyone in a wheelchair, or to those with limited mobility. I am not sure what can be done about this, as it is a long-standing issue with that room. I have been scheduled to teach in that room, and I have made a request to timetabling to use a different room instead if possible.

This area has been assessed and unfortunately due to the location of the room and the size of the lift improvements are not possible without extensive structural alterations to the building allowing for the installation of a new lift.