Try Before You Bike

Hybrid working, the cost-of-living crisis or health concerns may be prompting you to rethink your commute. EFM has a number of high-quality electric bikes that are available for staff to borrow, without charge, to enable you to ‘Try B4U Bike’.

A photo of a senior member of University staff with a Try B4U Buy e-bike
Bella Abrams, Director of Information Technology, with her Try B4U Buy e-bike

This scheme allows University staff to hire an electric bike for two months at a time.

It's is a great opportunity for staff who might have considered an electric bike but don’t want to take on the cost without giving it a go first.

Staff can then use the Cycle to Work Scheme, accessible through The Deal, to buy their own electric bike after the trial.

The loan of the bike is free of charge, but we do ask users to put down a security deposit of £150. This is refunded at the end of the two months, provided the bike is returned in good condition.

Staff expression of interest

If you are a staff member interested in hiring an electric bike, follow the following steps:

  • Please fill in this Google form:
  • Your questionnaire will be checked and if you are successful, you will be sent the Hire Agreement.
  • Please read the Hire Agreement carefully then pay the deposit on the online store (
  • Once notification of payment has been received, a date will be proposed for the handover of the e-bike.
  • At the handover a safety checklist will be talked through. The e-bike should be tested to ensure a good fit and the Hire Agreement can be signed.

If you have any questions about the scheme then please don't hesitate to ask the Parking and Sustainable Travel Team by emailing

Case study:

Mario Dorna, Senior Technician, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, October 2023.

Mario Dorna Senior Technician and Try B4U Buy loanee with his e-bike
Mario Dorna Senior Technician and Try B4U Buy loanee with his e-bike

"Without the TryB4U Buy I would never have considered buying an electric push bike through the Cycle to Work scheme. Apart from where I live which has poor and unreliable public transport and the 13 1/2 mile round trip, I have been trying to manage a knee injury and wasn't sure I would be able to ride the bike at all...

So you can imagine my surprise when after I had worked out a decent cycle route to work and gave it a go, I found that my knee seemed to be coping fine and that I was actually enjoying the bike. The assistance the electric motor gave really helped, especially on the hills! I am able to manage my injury much better now as my general fitness improves and the muscles around my knee strengthen.

From where I was physically and mentally to where I am now is an incredible feeling! I think it’s no coincidence that the change began with the loan bike through the TryB4U Buy scheme. The injury still remains and will not heal without surgery, but the walking stick has been consigned to the cupboard, at least for now!

I have now purchased my own bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme and handed the loan bike back. I would like to thank the team that organise all of the TryB4U Buy scheme as I think it's great! I'm a big believer in don't knock it until you try it, so to anyone who is thinking about cycling to work, go on and give it a go!"

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