Sustainability EFM Endcliffe MeadowHow EFM supports the University's sustainability objectives

Sustainability is an integral core value of what the University does and is reflected in the knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation of our activities. The University’s sustainable aspirations are set out in the Sustainability Strategy.

EFM is committed to supporting the University in achieving its objectives and leads on a number of key areas on behalf of the organisation:

  • Energy and carbon
  • Water
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Biodiversity and landscape management
  • Sustainable travel
  • Sustainable building design and maintenance
  • Behaviour change

On this page you can find out more about how EFM supports the University.

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What we do

This is just a selection of EFM and the University's sustainability actions. We are proud that there are many champions of environmental sustainability in the University with their own exciting initiatives and projects. They are making a valuable contribution and we work to incorporate their input where possible. Contact the Environment Officer for more information (


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Carbon management

We believe that climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet and that we must all play a part in tackling it.

The Energy Team oversees actions being taken by the University to meet our HEFCE carbon reduction targets of a 43 per cent reduction by 2020 (on a 2005 baseline). Our Energy Strategy document outlines how we aim to achieve our targets.

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Staff and student engagement

Behaviour change is a hugely important area of any environmental work. We're working to support staff and students who want to make change happen across the University.

How EFM is supporting behaviour change

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Sustainable building standard

The Estates Development team has worked with colleagues in the sustainability and energy teams to develop a Sustainable Building Standard which we adhere to.

Sustainable transport

The University is committed to sustainable travel and seeks to promote alternatives to one-person-one-car commuter travel where possible.

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Waste and recycling

The University generates a significant quantity of waste each year and has developed a strategy to ensure that we meet legal obligations and manage waste sustainably.

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Relevant contacts in Estates and Facilities Management:

Phil Riley, Energy Manager


Tel: 0114 222 9213

Charlotte Winnert, Environment Officer


Tel: 0114 222 9083

Andrew Massey, Principal Engineer (Energy Management)


Tel: 0114 222 9121

Darren Hardwick, Car Parking and Sustainable Travel Manager


Tel: 0114 222 9056

Alice Potter, Sustainability Projects Assistant (Green Impact)


Tel: 07876 545802