3 December 2021

Removal of rear building at former Henderson’s Relish site

Following the recent adverse weather, a building to the rear of the former Henderson’s Relish building has suffered structural damage and needs to be taken down immediately.

Leavygreave Road

The building situated behind ‘Henderson’s House’ on Leavygreave Road has been of concern for some time, and the very high winds have exacerbated the integrity of the structure.

On the advice of our structural engineers the demolition work is starting without delay.  Preparatory work to add to the existing hoardings is already underway with the work to remove the building continuing this week.

The University knows how much the old Henderson’s building means to the people of Sheffield. The building has been subject to subsidence for some years and the University is committed to taking great care to repair the building to maintain this extremely important cultural asset.

The removal of the flat roof structure will help with the ongoing project to protect, and bring the iconic Hendeson’s Relish building back to life - and we look forward to sharing the plans for this in 2022.

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