Teaching spaces refurbishment works

With less teaching space being used in the summer months, we're taking the opportunity to do some minor works in six of our buildings.

Backs of heads of students in a tiered lecture theatre with two screens at front and presenter stood at lectern box

The Arts Tower

Four lecture theatres in the Arts Tower basement will have the floors sanded and revarnished.  Damaged tables will be replaced and acoustic panels on the walls repaired, alongside the walls being painted.  There will also be a full replacement of the audio-visual equipment.

Timeframe: May - July

Firth Hall

Improvements will be made to The Council Room, F02 and F02a.  Work will be done to make the rooms more accessible, and acoustic panels and curtains will be added to The Council Room.  The existing video conferencing facilities which were added as a temporary measure will be replaced with permanent equipment.

Timeframe: May - August

Hicks Building

Wifi, audio-visual facilities and data outlets will be improved across six rooms within the building.

Timeframe: May - November

Broad Lane Building

Essential maintenance work to three large lecture theatres will be undertaken at the same time as replacing some windows and improving the audio-visual facilities.

Timeframe: June - September

Samuel Fox House, Northern General Hospital

There will be improved audio-visual facilities alongside a thorough clean and light re-decoration.

Timeframe: May - July

The Medical School, Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Some chairs at the school will be reupholstered to prolong their usability and to improve their aesthetic.

Timeframe: TBC - not expected to take more than one month.

Project details

Project Manager: Brian Evans, Estates and Facilities Management
Email: b.n.evans@sheffield.ac.uk