Changing your Courses

It is possible to change modules within the first three weeks of each semester.

We call this process `Module Add/Drop´. It means that, if you realise a module is not for you, you can `drop it´ from the list of courses you registered for and `add´ a new one in its place.

How do I add and drop modules?

Please follow the Add/Drop procedure as outlined on the SSiD web pages:

SSiD Web Pages - Add/Drop Information

Can I change any courses after the Add/Drop deadlines?

You can only 'drop' courses after the deadlines as it will be too difficult to catch up with a new one at that stage.

Please remember the credit and module requirements as outlined on our 'Registering for Courses' page and in your Study Abroad & Erasmus Handbook:

Registering for Courses Web Page