Choosing your Modules

How to Choose your Courses Number of Credits
  • Please use the Directory of Modules to make your provisional course choices:
  • Link to Directory of Modules
  • You can use the information from the current academic year as a guide if it has not yet been updated
  • We strongly advise you have some reserve choices in case modules are no longer available when you arrive
  • Unless you are coming to study in Sheffield via a Modern Languages exchange agreement, you must choose 100% of your modules from the academic department into which you have been nominated
  • You must choose 60 Sheffield credits (30 ECTS) per semester
  • You are not permitted to register for more than this
  • The minimum you can register for for one semester of study in Sheffield is 40 Sheffield credits (20 ECTS)
  • The minimum you can register for for a full year of study in Sheffield is 100 Sheffield credits (50 ECTS)
  • If you wish to study fewer than 60 Sheffield credits (30 ECTS) per semester, you must bring with you a letter from your home university supporting this
Course Levels Assessment
  • Course levels are indicated in the module codes
  • For example, MGT101 would be a first year module, MGT202 would be a second year module
  • Modules beginning with a '5' or a '6' are Masters level (e.g. MGT606)
  • If you are a Bachelor level student, we would advise against registering for Masters level modules
  • Please be aware also that the final grades for Masters level modules are not released until November of each year
  • Modules are normally assessed either by examination or assignment
  • Make sure you check the assessment methods of all your modules when you make your choices
  • You will be assessed in the same way as all other students on the same courses
  • Note that some modules are year-long, meaning that the only assessment is at the end of the academic year - these are not recommended for one semester students
  • Further information can be found here
Students Studying English - Important Note Restricted Departments

Available modules will be visible in the online application form.

Some departments have restricted course lists due to their popularity
These include the departments below:
  • Management School
  • Journalism Department
  • Politics Department
  • History Department

Available modules will be visible in the online application form.

Your Departmental Contact

Each participating department has its own Erasmus+ tutor to advise incoming students on academic matters.

The list of Erasmus+ tutors can be found here:

List of Erasmus Tutors

Please also check the list of exchanges to make sure that you know which department you are nominated to study in.

List of Erasmus Exchanges