Choosing your Modules

How to Choose your Courses Number of Credits
  • Use the Directory of Modules to make your provisional course choices:
  • Directory of Modules
  • You can use the information from the current academic year as a guide if it has not yet been updated for the year you will be here
  • We strongly advise you have some reserve choices in case modules are no longer available when you arrive
  • Unless you are coming to study in Sheffield via a Modern Languages exchange agreement, you must choose 100% of your modules from the academic department into which you have been nominated
  • You must choose 60 Sheffield credits (30 ECTS) per semester
  • You are not permitted to register for more than this
  • The minimum you can register for for one semester of study in Sheffield is 40 Sheffield credits (20 ECTS)
  • The minimum you can register for for a full year of study in Sheffield is 100 Sheffield credits (50 ECTS)
  • If you wish to study fewer than 60 Sheffield credits (30 ECTS) per semester, you must bring with you a letter from your home university supporting this
Course Levels Assessment
  • Course levels are indicated in the module codes
  • For example, MGT101 would be a first year module, MGT202 would be a second year module
  • Modules beginning with a '5' or a '6' are Masters level (e.g. MGT606)
  • If you are a Bachelor level student, you are not able to apply for Masters level modules in your application
  • Be aware that the final grades for Masters level modules are not released until November of each year. Check with your home university if this will be an issue
  • Modules are normally assessed either by examination or assignment
  • Make sure you check the assessment methods of all your modules when you make your choices
  • You will be assessed in the same way as all other students on the same courses
  • Note that some modules are year-long, meaning that the only assessment is at the end of the academic year - these are not recommended for one semester students
  • Further information can be found here
Students Studying English - Important Note Restricted Departments

All modules available for you to select will be visible in the online application form.

Some departments have restricted course lists due to their popularity
These include the departments below:
  • Management School
  • Journalism Department
  • Politics Department
  • History Department

All modules available for you to select will be visible in the online application form.

Your Departmental Contact

Each participating department has its own Erasmus+ tutor to advise incoming students on academic matters.

The list of Erasmus+ tutors can be found here:

List of Erasmus Tutors

Check the list of exchanges to make sure that you know which department you are nominated to study in.

List of Erasmus Exchanges