Recent Graduates

In some cases Erasmus+ grants can be awarded to students who have recently graduated from the University of Sheffield and who are undertaking a work placement within one of the Erasmus+ programme countries.

The placement must meet the normal Erasmus+ eligibility criteria and must also:

  1. Have been finalised before graduation
  2. Take place within 12 months of graduation

If you have previously received an Erasmus+ grant during the degree that immediately precedes the placement, this is counted within your 12 month funding quota for that academic cycle.

For example, if you received an Erasmus+ grant worth 5 months during your undergraduate degree, you could only claim up to a maximum of 7 months worth of Erasmus+ funding in your post-graduation placement.

Selection Criteria

Due to popular demand and EU funding cuts we are only able to offer a limited number of Erasmus+ grants to students whose post-graduation placements meet the above criteria.

Priority will be given to students who:

  • Have not previously benefited from an Erasmus+ grant or any other EU funding
  • Have not benefited from any type of international experience during their studies at the University of Sheffield
  • Had fewer opportunities to benefit from an international experience during their studies at the University of Sheffield
  • Will take part in a work placement outside of their country of permanent residence (i.e. they are not returning to their home country)
  • Can provide clear evidence as to how the placement will be of benefit to their future career

Applications for Erasmus+ funding are now open for students who have secured a graduate work placement which meets the normal Erasmus+ eligibility criteria. This year's application deadline is 5pm Friday 27 April 2018.

Please do not arrange a post-graduation work placement on the assumption that you will automatically receive an Erasmus+ grant.