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Faculty research centres

Centre for Archival Practice (CAP)

The main aims of the centre are to facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practice in archival research by fostering dialogue and collaborations between academics and information professionals, developing and providing cross-disciplinary training, raising awareness, developing new and consolidating existing partnerships with local, national, and international archives, promoting access and use by the public and advocating for the importance of the archive, promoting access, conservations, and preservation

Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies

Centre for Dutch and Flemish Studies

The Centre for Dutch Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre, unique to the UK, bringing together all expertise in Dutch Studies at the University of Sheffield. It aims to be a national and international focus for Dutch Studies and to stimulate a wider interest in the culture of the Low Countries locally and in the region

Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies (SCEMS)

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One of the largest, most vibrant, and respected centres for early modern studies in the world, expertise ranges from the late medieval to the late 18th century, from musicology to social history, and from Yorkshire parishes to American colonies; from literary editing and manuscripts to newsbooks and novels, to material culture and social practice; from history and literature to linguistics and philosophy

Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies


The Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies supports collaborative research on fundamental issues concerning the nature of cognition. The Centre is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together researchers across a broad range of different fields — including animal psychology, anthropology, biology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, economics, evolutionary psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy. It has established collaborative links with many universities in the UK, Europe, and the United States

Centre for the History of the Gothic

The centre brings together colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities who have an interest in the historical and national contexts in which the Gothic of the eighteenth century emerges and the influence that it had on the nineteenth century Gothic. Members are also interested in how the Gothic has developed from the eighteenth century to the present day and the various forms (poetic, theatrical, and other media), which it has come to inhabit.

Centre for Linguistic Research


A research forum for linguists in the School of English and the School of Language and Cultures with the three-fold mission to bring together linguistics researchers across the faculty, encourage and support external bids for cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary projects, and develop joint initiatives for postgraduate research and training in linguistics. Research is data-driven, focusing on morphology, syntax, semantics and discourse pragmatics, adult and child language as well as first and second language acquisition

Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Centre for Luxembourg Studies

The Centre for Luxembourg studies (established in 1995) is unique globally and consists of members from across the University, including in particular the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Languages and Cultures, History and English). The multilingualism and multiculturalism of Luxembourg, coupled with the ongoing promotion of the national language, make it a key research site for cutting-edge research in the humanities and social sciences.

Medieval and Ancient Research Centre, University of Sheffield (MARCUS)

The centre brings together a concentration of research and teaching expertise that is unique within the UK. Ranging from archaic Greece to Renaissance Europe, MARCUS represents an array of disciplines, from history to biblical studies, from philosophy to languages, and from archaeology to music, with the uniting belief that the social structures, cultural expressions and individual experiences of this period are at the foundation of the world we live in today. The centre co-ordinates a regular seminar series and organises other events, both for specialists and for the interested public


Music and Wellbeing at Sheffield

Music and Wellbeing at Sheffield combines expertise and state of the art methodologies from music psychology, social and health sciences to document and investigate the role and impacts of musical experiences in both everyday and extraordinary wellbeing challenges.

Music and Wellbeing at Sheffield combines expertise and state of the art methodologies from music ps

Centre of Music, Mind, Machine in Sheffield

The centre combines expertise and methodologies from music theory, psychology and computer science to investigate cognitive processes underlying the perception and performance of music. It promotes interdisciplinary research on music by fostering communication between researchers and students with varying backgrounds, by supporting experimental and computational research facilities, and by creating an active research environment with opportunities for researchers (to be) at any stage of their career. The unifying denominator is the aim to improve insight in music as perceived, performed and experienced through state of the art methodologies, focusing on research with a potential for applications


Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies


The centre brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines across the University of Sheffield and aims to promote genuinely interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Our interests extend over the whole breadth of the 'long Nineteenth Century', from c. 1789 to c. 1914, covering British, American and European history, literature and culture

Centre for Nordic Studies

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Promoting the understanding, use and enjoyment of Nordic languages and culture to encourage research and support more effective engagement between researchers, teachers and students in the UK and Scandinavia. When fully-resourced the centre aspires to provide a full range of services including language teaching, exhibitions, cultural events and services to business and several exciting projects are currently underway

Sheffield Centre for Research in Film (SCRIF)

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Acting as a hub for a diverse, interdisciplinary community of scholars and researchers with shared interests in the significance, analysis, role and impact of the moving image, here you will find profiles and backgrounds for the Group's academic staff and research students, news and information about events organised by members of the Centre, details of publications and research activity linked to the Group, and links for contact and discussion with us

Sheffield Performer & Audience Research Centre (SPARC)

Sheffield Performance and Audience Research Centre (SPARC) collaborates with arts organisations and venues to investigate audience experiences of live music. Recent research projects concern audience experiences of contemporary arts and music, reasons for continuing and ceasing musical participation, and attracting new audiences for classical music.

Centre for Poetry & Poetics

Centre for Poetry and Poetics

The Centre for Poetry and Poetics (CPP) brings together those fascinated by poetry both in and out of Sheffield, including academics, poets, publishers, students, and readers. It comprises faculty from the University of Sheffield, alongside Sheffield based poets, presses and other affiliates.

Prokhorov Centre for the Study of Central and Eastern European Intellectual and Cultural History

Prokhorov Centre for the Study of Central and Eastern European Intellectual and Cultural History

The centre brings together all expertise and research on the intellectual and cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Sheffield. Cultural history encompasses not only literature and the arts, but also various forms of a community's social organisation and ideological orientation - politics, religion, education, and so on - and their interrelations

Centre for Visual Studies


This interdisciplinary research centre promotes collaborative research in Visual Studies at the University of Sheffield and supports and encourages a variety of different approaches. It brings together internationally recognised researchers from departments, faculties and disciplines across the university: those who are concerned with the analysis and history of visual and material artefacts and practices; those who seek to understand the nature of the visual, visual representation and perception; and those who use visual sources and visual methodologies

The Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre

The University of Sheffield is recognised as a leader in the field of Animal Studies, a burgeoning sub-field of interdisciplinary academic inquiry, largely across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences but also some branches of Life Sciences, which conducts qualitative inquiry about nonhuman animals and human–animal relations.

At the University of Sheffield, animal studies research is conducted across the Faculties of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences in a number of disciplines (Literature, Film, Performance, Philosophy and Critical Theory, SIIBS, Music, History, Archaeology, Politics, Sociology, Geography, and Law). A particular focus of research expertise in ShARC is the political and cultural representation of animals; however, the centre’s remit is conceived more broadly to include any form of qualitative understanding of animal life and of human–animal relations.

University and White Rose Research Centres

Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi)

CHiPhi (kī fī) was established in 2009 with a grant from the White Rose University Consortium to bring together the wide-ranging expertise in history of philosophy at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York to consolidate and promote research and teaching in the field. As the UK's largest group of scholars working in history of philosophy, our aim is to develop and maintain an international network to promote research through a programme of joint events, collaborative projects, and postgraduate teaching


Medical Humanities Sheffield

The interface between medicine and science on the one hand, and the arts and social sciences on the other hand, is one of the most exciting and important in modern academic life, offering unrivalled potential for multi-disciplinary work, policymaking, and public life.

It is this interface which concerns Medical Humanities Sheffield. The Centre brings together over 100 colleagues from the Faculties of Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering. It also involves clinicians in the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, the Children’s Hospital, and Primary Care