Course structure

This course will provide you with a broad knowledge of engineering disciplines, from nanotechnology to civil engineering infrastructure.


During your first two years, you will study specially developed modules designed to introduce you to the breadth of engineering and to develop creative problem-solving skills in an interdisciplinary context. 

At the end of Level 2, you will choose your specialisation from one of eleven degree pathways, covering all engineering disciplines. You will spend Year 3 (BEng) and Years 3 & 4 (MEng) studying your chosen specialism.

The academic year

The academic year runs from September to June each year. The year is divided into two semesters - Autumn (Semester 1) and Spring (Semester 2) - each consisting of 12 teaching weeks followed by three examination weeks. In an academic year you will study modules with a total value of 120 credits. The majority of modules will be examined at the end of Spring Semester, although some will be examined in Autumn.

Year in Industry

All of our degree specialisations are offered with a Year in Industry option. Students on these programmes will spend the year between their third and fourth years working in industry.

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Study abroad

The option of a study year abroad cannot be offered to students on the general engineering programme of study due to the complexity of this unique programme. This may be something that is reviewed in future but is not currently offered in order to maintain the integrity of the course.


A number of Engineering programmes delivered by our Faculty are accredited by a number of world recognised professional bodies.

For the MEng version of the course, it is intended that the exit awards will be accredited by the relevant accreditation bodies.

The process of securing accreditation is ongoing.

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