The course will assist you in acquiring the professionalism and moral principles necessary for success in the real estate sector

Sharon James MSc Real Estate and Planning student
Sharon James
MSc student
MSc Real Estate Planning and Development
MSc Real Estate and Planning student Sharon discusses the skills she has learned from her course and offers advice to prospectus students.

Why did you choose to study this course at the University of Sheffield? 

To begin with, I was fascinated by the structure of the MSc program. The MSc. Real Estate Planning and Development at the University of Sheffield was designed to provide a thorough understanding of the real estate industry, including concepts related to planning, valuation, investments, and development. Additionally, the program focuses on providing an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the operational aspects of land and real estate use and development. Furthermore, the program aids students to gain practical experience through site visits, case studies, and simulation-based assessments. The program also provides accreditation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which I considered an opportunity to get a chartered status through the planning and development pathway after my graduation. In addition, The University of Sheffield’s student-friendly environment, with its campus located across the city centre, pulled me in. Besides that, the student union is remarkable for ensuring the best possible student experience for overseas students. Another aspect that drew my interest was its global reputation, as attending a world-class university was one of my greatest desires. In fact, it is a recognized original Redbrick University, and a member of the prestigious Russell Group. It is significant to acknowledge that the university offers high-quality education and support, which I hope will help me excel in my area of study. I have always wanted to study in an environment to widen my outlook and reform cross-cultural understanding, as well as develop valuable life skills such as adaptability and self-reliance.

What do you want to do after you finish your course?

I want to get involved in graduate-level programmes and learn more about the real estate industry. Being a RICS member and possessing a RICS licence is what I ultimately want to do. 

How do you think your course will prepare you for a job in the future?

The University of Sheffield's Real Estate Planning and Development degree is created to provide you the abilities and information need to excel in the real estate sector. It is a comprehensive programme that covers all areas of real estate, planning, and development, and prepares you for a number of professional choices in this fascinating and dynamic sector. Real estate appraisal, investment, development, and management are just a few of the topics covered in the course. You will discover how to analyse real estate markets, make sound investment decisions, and efficiently manage property portfolios.

The course will provide you excellent analytical abilities, including the capacity to analyse data using statistical techniques, comprehend financial accounts, and create financial models. In the real estate sector, where data analysis is a key component of decision-making, these talents are highly appreciated. Case studies, field trips, and guest speakers throughout the course provide students real experience. Real-world initiatives, real estate transaction analysis, and interactions with business experts are all opportunities you'll have. You'll get the information and abilities you need to excel in the real estate sector as a result of this experience.

The programme offers opportunities to interact with and network with industry experts because of the University of Sheffield's close relationships to the real estate sector. When looking for employment prospects and advancing your career, these contacts may be quite helpful.

What skills do you think you have learned from the course/Uni experience which will help you in the future?

The Real Estate Planning and Development course gives students a number of useful skills that are applicable to a range of real estate sector professions. The course's major learning outcomes include real estate analysis, financial analysis, property management, planning and development, communication and negotiation, and project management.

The course will assist you in acquiring the professionalism and moral principles necessary for success in the real estate sector, such as confidentiality, client management, and attention to detail. This course will offer you with the information and skills you need to excel in property management, investment, or development.

Do you have any tips for students looking to study here?

The following advice will help you get the most out of your experience if you decide to enrol in the University of Sheffield's Real Estate Planning and Development course: Participate in extracurricular activities, do some research on the course and university, attend lectures, and take part in class discussions. To understand more about the sector and acquire insight into job options, go to industry events and network with real estate experts. Utilise the chances provided by the institution to connect with and network with real estate industry experts. Significant quantities of reading, research, and group projects are required for the real estate planning and development course. You may combine your studies, extracurricular activities, and personal life by remaining organised and using time management techniques.

Academic tutoring, counselling, and career guidance are just a few of the support services the institution provides. Get assistance from the appropriate support resources if you run into any difficulties while studying.


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