Our PhD candidates

The Department of Geography is at the forefront of human and physical geography research, with our internationally excellent and world-leading contribution being recognised in the most recent REF (2014). Find out more about the issues some of our PhD researchers are tackling.

Name Contact Thesis title
Ambrose McCarron amccarron1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Ana Laura Zavala Guillén alzavalaguillen1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Barley Blyton bbblyton1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Barry Hunter bwhunter1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Chris Flower chris.flower@sheffield.ac.uk  
Daniel Casey djcasey1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Ella Hubbard erchubbard1@sheffield.ac.uk Democratic Politics for Community Economies
Felipe Tornquist fatornquist1@sheffield.ac.uk Examining the causes of phytoplankton variation along the Chilean coast
Greg Rushby gtrushby1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Hannah Mottram  hfmottram1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Hassan Onimisi Abu hoabu1@sheffield.ac.uk Life-Course Approach to Understanding the Relationships Between Forced Migration Trajectories and Food Insecurity/security Path in Central Nigeria
Hazal Dolek hidolek1@sheffield.ac.uk

Places that endure: women's spacings in the Palestinian Territories.

Henry Staples hstaples1@sheffield.ac.uk

Understanding mobilisation in ‘post-conflict’ Colombia

Ingun Borg iborg1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Itzel San Roman Pineda isanromanpineda1@sheffield.ac.uk

Clustering from below: a tool for development in the Yucatan Peninsula

Jennifer Ross jbross1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Joe Molloy jlmolloy1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Josephine Hornsey jhornsey1@sheffield.ac.uk  
KM Florentine Weber fkmweber1@sheffield.ac.uk Why is the atmosphere becoming drier? The roles of atmospheric processes and vegetation feedbacks, and their implications for future climate change.
Katie Sumner k.sumner@sheffield.ac.uk  
Laura Eddey ljhayes1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Naomi Oates nemoates1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Nerea Okong'o naokongo1@sheffield.ac.uk Politics of progress: an analysis of gender in the extractive sector in Kenya
Nico Dewald ndewald1@sheffield.ac.uk

Subglacial drainage networks of the last Scandinavian Ice Sheet.

Pete Tuckett patuckett1@sheffield.ac.uk Investigating the impact of surface melt on the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Rafaella Simas Lima r.lima@sheffield.ac.uk Transnational real estate investment in a semi-periphery: Uneven housing development in post-crisis Lisbon
Remy Veness r.veness@sheffield.ac.uk Exploring sediment transfer beneath ice sheets from model-data comparisons encompassing changing ice flow geometries
Rowan Jaines rvjaines1@sheffield.ac.uk

Geographies of discontent: uncanny materiality and the Cambridgeshire Fens

Rosie Archer rarcher4@sheffield.ac.uk Emulating the last Eurasian Ice Sheet
Sakariya Haji shaji2@sheffield.ac.uk The role of diaspora in state building
Sean Gilgannon smgilgannon1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Shuna Beckett scbeckett1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Stephen Langford smlangford1@sheffield.ac.uk   
Susan Moore srm543@york.ac.uk  
Teresa (Tete') Mausse tfmausse1@sheffield.ac.uk Informal Water Provision: Enabling or Constraining -Sustainable- Development?
William Haynes wrhaynes1@sheffield.ac.uk Seen and unseen: homeless migrants at Stazione Termini in Rome
Will Higson wjhigson1@sheffield.ac.uk  
Will Wenban wwenban1@sheffield.ac.uk Deciphering the Influence of Glacial Erosion on Alpine Landscape Evolution Through a Novel Application of Thermoluminescence Thermochronometry
Zulhan A. Harahap zaharahap1@sheffield.ac.uk  

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