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“Increasing funding will allow our researchers to go further and faster in progressing towards life-saving treatments”

Toby Gamlen

Meet Toby, Vector Production Manager at the Gene Therapy Innovation and Manufacturing Centre (GTIMC), who is taking on the 2023 Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon this May. 

Toby is working to develop therapies of the future for genetic disorders, which may ultimately include treatments for MND. For him, taking on the Leeds Marathon is combining his passion for running with supporting the research he does day-to-day

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What motivated you to join the University of Sheffield team at the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon?

As a runner and a scientist working in gene therapy and genetic disease research I’m eager to take on a new running event while representing and raising funds for the research field I work in.

What does fundraising for MND research at the University of Sheffield mean to you? 

From working in the field of gene therapy I understand the many challenges that face the researchers involved in finding treatments for genetic diseases. One of those challenges is how expensive scientific research is. Increasing funding will allow our researchers to go further and faster in progressing towards life-saving treatments so having the chance to contribute even a small amount to this is a great opportunity.

How do you feel about taking on this challenge? 

Running has had an enormous positive effect on my life, so the chance to combine my passion for it with the opportunity to support scientific causes I believe in is a perfect combination for me. On top of that I have completed a number of marathons and I am excited to take on the challenge that the hilly route the Rob Burrows marathon presents in its first year.

Do you have any advice for those who might be considering taking on a similar challenge for MND?

Do it! Pick a challenge that is realistic but will stretch your abilities then enjoy the process of training for whatever you go for.

Good luck, Toby. We’re behind you every step of the way!

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