Conferments in absentia

Although most students complete their course of study and have their degree conferred at a degree ceremony immediately following the award, some students will have their degree awarded at a time when no degree ceremonies are scheduled to take place.

The University therefore, holds in absentia ceremonies. This enables students who complete their studies outside the graduation ceremony periods to have their degree conferred. Degree certificates can be received without having to wait until the next degree ceremony.

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

Following the conferment of their award in absentia, all candidates will be contacted to advise that their award has been conferred at an in absentia ceremony. At this time candidates can also advise us if they would like to receive an invitation to attend the next degree ceremony that they are eligible to attend. Graduation Ceremonies are held in July each year for undergraduate students and January each year for taught postgraduate students. We will contact all candidates conferred in absentia by email (university and personal email address held on the student record). Candidates should therefore check their student record to ensure their personal email address is correct and look out for emails from

MBChB and BDS students

After the final board of examiners has met, in absentia conferments are held each July, prior to the Summer graduation ceremonies. The University Seal is applied to the lists of students and these are forwarded to the GMC and GDC in order for them to grant provisional registration for the students to practise. These students are eligible and will already have been invited to attend the Summer graduation ceremonies in the normal way.

Students exiting at bachelors level

Occasionally students are awarded a Bachelors degree, rather than continuing on to the final year of a masters programme as expected. In this case, the degree will be conferred in absentia in early August and graduates will be able to receive their certificate and/or an invitation to the graduation ceremonies the following July.

Research students

Research candidates are eligible to attend graduation ceremonies in January or July each year. Candidates who successfully complete their course of study outside the cut off dates for inclusion in the next ceremonies (end March for July ceremonies and end September for January ceremonies) will have their award conferred in absentia. Students who have awards conferred in absentia will be contacted by email (University and personal email addresses) and will be able to receive their certificate following conferment. They can also advise if they wish to receive an invitation to the next available ceremony at this time. Candidates should ensure that they have an up to date personal email address on their student record as this is the email that we will use.  Candidates should look out for emails from

Scheduled in absentia dates

  • 1 August 2019
  • 24 October 2019 (Undergraduate re-sit candidates)
  • 31 January 2020
  • 3 April 2020 (PGT only)
  • 3 August 2020

Further dates will be scheduled in due course.

Please email with any queries regarding in absentia conferment of awards.