To ensure the award of your qualification & your attendance at graduation all monies relating to tuition and tuition related debt due to the University must have been paid prior to graduation. Outstanding tuition or tuition related debts to the University will result in having degrees withheld.

All debts must be paid by the date of completion of your course. 
How will I know if I have an outstanding debt?
  • If you do have a debt to the University, you will be sent an email (to your University email address) confirming your debt and who to contact. Please use the myRecord tab in MUSE to ensure that you have provided the University with your up to date contact address. You should check your University email account regularly for information alerting you to outstanding debts which may prevent you from being awarded your degree.

 How do I Pay?
  • Library fines which appear on the Library tab in your MUSE account can be paid online by clicking the button next to the fine amount. For all other debts please make payment online at

When shall I pay?
  • Outstanding debts should be settled as soon as you are notified of them.

What happens when I pay?
  • If you have been advised that you are at risk of having your degree withheld then once payment has been received, the Finance Office will confirm to the relevant office that you are now able to graduate subject to satisfying the other eligibility requirements.
 What happens if I don't pay?
  • If you have outstanding debts to the University, you will have your degree withheld which means no further action will be taken until the debt is paid. You will not be eligible to attend a degree ceremony, your name will be removed from the programme and list of attendees and any tickets you have requested will be re-allocated.

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