Graduates instructions

Please read all of this information ahead of your graduation in October.



Graduation ceremonies are held on central campus in the Octagon Centre. The full address of the venue is:

The Octagon Centre
University of Sheffield
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Don't forget to bring:

*Your e-ticket showing your seat number
*Robe order confirmation
*Photography order confirmation (if pre-booked)

Graduation Enquiries Desk

The Graduation Enquiries Desk is located in the foyer of the Octagon Centre and is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm each day (except on Tuesday and Wednesday when it will be open until 1.00pm) .

Useful information


We advise that you check with the Highways Agency for advice regarding traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads, prior to setting off.

Information on travelling by car can be found here.

Park and Ride

Supertram park and ride is a very convenient way for visitors arriving by car to travel to the University without having to drive through the city centre and find somewhere to park.


We advise using public transport as parking on campus is limited.

If you are travelling by car, parking is available on campus at the Q-Park on Durham Road. This car park has 560 spaces however, it gets extremely busy and spaces cannot be guaranteed.

There is also parking on the edge of campus at Q-Park Rockingham Street. This is a 530 space long-stay off-street car park, approximately half a mile from the Octagon Centre.

Car parks in the city centre

Due to the limited amount of space available, we regret that we are unable to allocate parking spaces for disabled graduands or guests. If your guests have mobility difficulties, we would recommend that these guests are dropped off at the Octagon Centre prior to parking the car. Campus Wardens on duty will assist blue badge holders if requested.

Campus map

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Timings for the day

The suggested timetable for getting to the venue is as follows:

Time of Ceremony

Arrive on campus (approx)

Collect robes

Seated in the hall

Doors to hall closed












The safety of visitors to the university has always been and continues to be, our highest priority. We therefore have security procedures in place at our graduation ceremonies. All bags will be searched and there will be person searches on entry. Please do not bring large bags or suitcases to the Octagon Centre or the Sheffield Students' Union. Alcohol is not permitted in the Octagon Centre and anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted entry.

Robe collection

You should collect your pre-ordered robes from Uni Central, Level 4, Students' Union between the times below:

  • 11.00am ceremonies - collect between 9.00am -10.15am
  • 3.00pm ceremonies - collect between 1.00 - 2.15pm

Please ensure you return all robes to Uni Central by 5.00pm on the day of your ceremony. If you have paid to retain your robes for a longer period, you are responsible for the return of robes to Ede & Ravenscroft Limited.

**Please note: hair grips are not provided by the University or Ede & Ravenscroft. You are therefore advised to bring them with you if you wish to secure your hat**

Door opening times and seating

Doors will open 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Please arrive at the Octagon Centre in plenty of time to pass through security. Doors to the hall will be closed 10 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

Please print out your e-tickets or have an electronic copy with you. You must also make sure your guests have copies. Admittance to the hall will not be granted without e-tickets.

Graduates please ensure you sit in the seat you have been allocated and remain seated in order for Marshals to check that you are present and in the correct ceremony order.  Arriving later than the times stated below, sitting in the wrong seat or moving from the seat you have been allocated will result in you being marked as absent and removed from the presentation list.

Graduates must be robed and seated for registrations by the following times at the latest:

  • 11.00am ceremonies - graduates seated no later than 10.20am
  • 3.00pm ceremonies - graduates seated no later than 2.20pm

Guest tickets
Guests can sit anywhere in the guest section of the hall. Anyone that has advised us of special seating requirements, has been allocated appropriate seats.  These will be shown on your eticket and will be  marked as reserved in the hall.

During the ceremony

Ceremonies last around 60 minutes

Once graduates are seated in the hall, Marshals will carry out registration. It is important that you sit in the seat you have been allocated and stay seated to avoid being marked as absent and removed from the presentation list.

When indicated, please stand for the arrival of the processions and remain standing until the Presiding Officer has declared the ceremony open.

A Marshal will signal to you when it is your turn to be presented. You should immediately approach the platform by the steps to the left-hand side and join the queue. Once on the platform, you should give your name to the Marshal at the top of the steps to confirm that you are in your correct place for presentation. When your name is announced, the Marshal will release you and you should walk across the platform, doff your cap to the Presiding Officer and then proceed off the platform by the steps at the far right and return to your seat in the hall as directed by the Floor Marshals.

Please note: nothing is to be brought on to stage when you walk across.

At the end of the ceremony, please stand for the departure of the processions.

Graduates will then process out of the hall under the direction of the Floor Marshals. Graduates should arrange to meet their guests outside the Octagon Centre following the ceremony. You should not return to the hall once you have processed out.

Other information


Guests are permitted to take photographs but this must be done from their seat so as not to obstruct the view of other guests or interfere with proceedings.  Tripods and other equipment are not permitted and there is strictly no admittance onto the platform at any time.

Official photographers

The Students' Union has arranged for Ede and Ravenscroft Photography to be located on Level 4, Students' Union for the duration of the ceremonies. The option to turn up on the day for photography is limited and cannot be guaranteed, as priority has been given to customers who have pre-ordered.  

Regulations regarding academic robes

The University's Regulation 17 concerning Academic Costume states that: "A graduand and any other person who is to be presented at a Degree Congregation shall wear the appropriate academic dress over suitable clothes of a subdued colour, or Naval, Military or Air Force uniform. The Marshal may exclude from presentation any candidate whose attire does not, in the Marshal's opinion, comply with this regulation".

If you have any queries regarding your robes please contact Ede and Ravenscroft:

Telephone: +44 1223 861 854.

Dress code

The ceremonies are formal occasions and we recommend that candidates dress smartly. We welcome national dress and military uniforms. Jeans, t-shirts, trainers and similar casual attire are not considered appropriate for graduation ceremonies.

Ede & Ravenscroft and the University do not provide hair grips and we advise you to bring them with you should you wish to use them to secure your hat.


Official university souvenirs will be available to purchase in the Octagon foyer area throughout the week. 

Students' Union

Find out what the Students' Union has to offer throughout the week here


We do not recommend bringing children to the ceremony, due to the length and formal nature of proceedings. Children in the main ceremony hall must have a ticket if they are 3 years old or over. We respectfully request that children are taken out of the hall immediately if they become noisy or restless during proceedings. Children are not permitted on the stage at anytime.

Due to health and safety restrictions, prams and pushchairs are not permitted in the hall and should be left in the complementary cloakroom.

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off for the duration of the ceremony. Please don't set your telephone to silent mode as the signals can interfere with our sound system.

Mobile phones are not permitted on the platform. The Marshal may exclude from presentation, anyone who does not adhere to this rule.

Food and Drink

We regret that food and drink are not permitted in the hall.

Movement during the ceremony

Wherever possible, guests are requested to remain seated for the duration of the ceremony.  Please note that anyone leaving the hall may be requested to wait until a suitable break in proceedings before being allowed re-entry.

Live stream

Each ceremony will be live streamed on our website. Graduates and guests seated in Convocation Hall should be aware that they might appear on the live stream and on the recordings. 

Terms and Conditions

Can be found here.

Lost property and lost children

Please hand in lost property to the Enquiries Desk in the Octagon Centre. Staff at the Enquiries Desk will also deal with children who become separated from parents or carers.

Covid-19 guidance

Given the ongoing situation with Covid-19, keeping staff, graduates, and their guests safe is our utmost priority. 

With this in mind, we are asking graduates to doff the cap instead of shaking hands when they cross the stage.

Public health advice says that while you’re no longer legally required to self-isolate if you have Covid-19, you should try to stay at home and away from others if you have symptoms or if you have tested positive to avoid passing on the virus. 

The wearing of face coverings is a personal choice, it is no longer mandatory to wear face coverings in indoor settings at the University.  We should continue to be respectful of those that choose to continue to wear face coverings and also those that don’t.

The University will be doing the following at the ceremonies:

-Ensuring the venue is well ventilated
-Ensuring that the flow of attendees is managed and controlled into and out of the venue
-Cleaning the venue throughout the day

Dining and activity on campus

Find out what is going on throughout the week here.


Graduates should have already received their degree certificates by post.