Staff volunteers

Graduation is one of the most important events in the University’s calendar. We need staff volunteers to help make graduation a happy and special occasion.

Staff volunteers

Why we needvolunteers

We rely on the support of staff volunteers who generously give their time to be part of graduation week. There are a variety of roles and these ensure the smooth running of the ceremonies.

Overview of roles

Volunteers roles range from leading staff processions to ensuring graduands are in the correct order for presentation.

Download role overviews (Word documents)

Get involved

The next ceremonies are taking place in July 2023. 

For queries about volunteering email Natalie Billau

Graduation is such a celebratory event and it's a fantastic opportunity to join in the happy occasion with students, families and friends and fellow staff. There's a whole range of volunteer roles that play a vital part in the smooth running of the occasion, and I've enjoyed every one of them!

Tom Reaney

Planning, Projects & Business Intelligence

Volunteering to help with graduation is a privilege and an enjoyable occasion for all involved. Witnessing the faces of the students and all they have achieved during their time at Sheffield and their proud families really puts into perspective everything we do.

Holly Rezaie

Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions.

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