Staff volunteers

Graduation is one of the most important events in the University’s calendar. We need staff volunteers to help make graduation a happy and special occasion for all those concerned.

Two staff volunteers. They wear red robes, hats, lanyards and carry folders in their arms.

As a volunteer the Events Team go out of their way to look after you. I would certainly recommend working ceremonies, sharing such a special day with students and their families really makes you feel proud to be a part of the University.

Kathryn Axon

Senior Student Support Officer | Student Support and Guidance

Why we need volunteers

As a team we rely heavily on the support of staff volunteers who generously give their time to be part of graduation week. There are a variety of roles that you can get involved with to ensure the smooth running of the ceremonies.

Overview of roles

There are a number of roles for volunteers ranging from guiding guests and graduands to their seats, through to ensuring graduands are in the correct order for presentation.

Download role overviews (Word documents)

Get involved

In 2022 we will need your help more than ever as we increase the number of graduation celebrations in order to give students whose graduation was affected by the pandemic, the opportunity to attend an in person celebration. 

We are looking for volunteers for July 2022. If you would like to get involved please register your interest by completing the forms:

18-22 July
25-29 July

For queries email Polly Wilson

It's a privilege to share in the joy of the students and their families. I particularly enjoy watching the students I have worked with being rewarded for their hard work.

Wendy Birtwistle

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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