Thomas Hopkins, BSc, MSc (Psychology)

Thomas Hopkins

Department of Human Communication Sciences
University of Sheffield
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United Kingdom

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I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, in which I obtained a 2.1 hons overall. The degree contained elements of developmental psychology, in particular the psychology of language and reading along with modules in forensic psychology of which led to my chosen dissertation topic on attitudes towards victims of date rape.
My interest in psychological research led to a completion of a MSc in Psychological research Methods at Sheffield Hallam University, in which I obtained a first class honours, learning advanced techniques in both quantitative and qualitative method, using the method of focus group and method of Phenomenology to investigate student experiences of collaborative learning in post 16 education.

I continue to show an interest in research from both fields of developmental and forensic psychology and have undertaken volunteer work to compliment this. Such work includes helping primary school children with their reading and comprehension, delivering practical workshops on `life skills´ in secondary schools as well as volunteering as a youth worker in youth clubs situated in socially disadvantaged areas of Sheffield.

I have been awarded an MPhil/PhD studentship in the HCS department, which accompanies my role as a teaching assistant for the research methods module at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Research interests:

  • Social-developmental psychology, in particular the effects of language and communication on children’s social and cognitive development.
  • Attitudes and perceptions of language and communication within the contexts of education, therapy, family, peers and the criminal justice system.
  • Language, literacy and communication in areas of social disadvantage.
  • The relationship between language, communication and behaviour, with focus on young offenders.

Current Projects:

As part of my PhD project I am using a mixed-method approach to investigate the language, literacy and communication skills of young offenders in Sheffield, comparing them to a sub-group of `looked after´ offenders and a group of non offenders from an area of social disadvantage. I also aim to address the young adults own perceptions of such skills and the effects these may have on their education, social life and their experiences of the criminal justice system.


Supervisors: Dr Judy Clegg and Professor Joy Stackhouse.