Katie Morgan, BMedSci Health and Human Sciences

Student Katie Morgan - 33474
Katie Morgan
Health and Human Sciences
“I live in Chesterfield and when I was a child I wanted to be a doctor, or anything within the medical profession”, says Katie Morgan, who is studying Health and Human Sciences.
Student Katie Morgan - 33474

“I chose the University because it has a very good, prestigious reputation”, she explains. “I chose the Health and Human Sciences course because it opens doors to many careers. The course offers a diverse range of subjects. The staff at the University give their time up to offer impeccable support for their students, whether that be personal or tutorial support they just want the best for their students, which adds a personal touch to the course.”

“Learning about things that will develop my skills and help me in the career I aspire is the most rewarding aspect of the course. When I started the course I aspired to become a physician associate”, she recalls. “Then I considered going all the way to becoming a doctor. Recently, I have again changed my mind and want to become a paramedic. This is due to personal circumstance, and also being able to have the choice through the diversity of the course.”

“My favourite place at the University is the Students’ Union because it has everything from study areas to communal areas to chill with friends”, she says. “The coffee shops around the University are great too, especially the one in the Diamond Building – it sells some amazing food!”

“If you’re considering studying Health and Human Sciences here at Sheffield, then I’d advise you to go for it!” she enthuses. “Don't let age or other circumstances put you off. I am a 28-year-old single parent. I do not live on campus and still get the full feel of the experience. The support I receive for my assignments is incredible. The social activities are invaluable and there is something for everyone. I went to the University knowing nobody - I went alone. I have now met the best friends I could ever have met and I know through the stresses from assignment and exams that we will be friends for life. It has changed my life for the better and I would not change my experience for anything.”

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