Fathima Ali, BMedSci Health and Human Sciences

Fathima Ali
Fathima Ali
Health and Human Sciences
“I love this course because, it is a really broad course offering you many directions into what field you would like to go into. It merges the medical aspect of public health with the psychological and sociological side, which provides a full viewpoint on the topic.”
Fathima Ali

Beginning her undergraduate in 2017, Fathima chose to stay close to home and apply at the University of Sheffield, where she could have the opportunity to study a course that allows her to pursue a wide variety of careers within the health industry.

Fathima explains, “The most enjoyable part of studying here was meeting new people, forming new friendships, and building a bond with my tutor. As this allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident in my surroundings and learning in a new environment.

“At the same time, being taught from experts within this field who have been a nurse, worked in public health or even part of the dementia café, which is a social opportunity for people living with dementia and their family carers; their valuable experience provides really distinctive views from experts in that specific field.”

During their studies, Health and Human Science students have the opportunity to take on a placement and enhance their employability skills. Fathima says, “The opportunity of doing a placement was the most enjoyable part of my final year. My placement was at the Royal Society for the Blind, which is a centre that offers visually impaired service users’ a possibility of hope, encouragement, and empathy in order to support them in attaining whatever they desire to do. This placement gave me an insight as to how visually impaired people may live their life on a regular basis. 

“I also enjoyed the chance to complete optional modules outside the usual learning. For example, in my first year I did a module in Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology, which was something very different to the course and found it very interesting. It was about how particular aspects of normal and abnormal behaviour can be understood in terms of underlying biological processes.”

“The dissertation was another aspect which I really liked because you get to go into depth on a topic that you are really passionate about. Even though my dissertation was stressful, it was also rewarding because you realise how much work and effort you have put towards it!”

Fathima plans to take a gap year and gain more work experience to build her level of knowledge of the health sector and complete a masters to specialise. 

Fathima adds, “I think anyone considering studying a degree in Sheffield, should first do a bit of background research to understand what the course entails, see how the course structure is laid out and what it offers. Be prepared to work hard and put in the effort to achieve the best! Maintaining a balanced life can be a challenge if you have a part time job or other responsibilities, but if you are organised then it is achievable.”

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