Neonatal Intensive Care

Course codes SNM3264/SNM672
20 credits at level 6 and 15 credits at level 7


This page gives details of both the undergraduate degree module (level 6) and postgraduate masters module (level 7).  Both units are delivered as a shared module with individual assessment modes.

Who is it for?

Qualified professionals who have:

  1. Active UK Nursing & Midwifery Council registration (adult, child or midwife) employed in a neonatal environment.
  2. Completed the Yorkshire and Humber ODN Foundation Programme or equivalent (see Mapping Document).
  3. Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Nursing; please apply to study at Degree Level (Level 6 applicants)
  4. BSc(Hons) degree in Nursing or Midwifery; please apply to study at Masters Level ( Level 7 applicants) unless the option to study at degree level study has been discussed and agreed with your clinical manager and NHS Trust.

Overview of content:

  • The management of  neonates requiring intensive and critical care
  • The support required by the family in this context
  • The evidence base supporting the care of the neonate and their family within the intensive care environment. 
  • The role of the neonatal nurse within the intensive care unit. 

What is it about?

These stand-alone degree (Level 6) and masters (Level 7) units are designed to enable registered nurses and midwives currently working within the neonatal environment to develop an in-depth knowledge of the pathophysiology of preterm and term neonates requiring complex management of care with reference to establishing, supporting and maintaining homeostasis for the baby requiring resuscitation at birth and during their ongoing care in a neonatal intensive care unit

Building on the learning within the Yorkshire & Humber Neonatal Operational Delivery Network Foundation Programme or equivalent (See mapping document), students will relate the anatomy and physiology, embryology and foetal development across all gestations of sick and premature neonates to contemporary neonatal nursing care and the management of infants with critical care needs by following the journey of a family and their neonate through neonatal intensive care. 

This journey will include topics such as resuscitation at delivery, stabilisation, invasive and non-invasive respiratory support, surgery, nutrition, pharmacology and bereavement. Through critical discussion and analysis of the research based evidence underpinning contemporary neonatal care, students will enhance their understanding of clinical practice and consider their role as neonatal nurses in potential innovations and improvements in neonatal nursing care. 

Completion of this module contributes towards the Higher Education England descriptors for neonatal nurse training:  QIS (qualification in speciality).

How does it enhance practice?

Completion of this unit will enable you, the practitioner, to use specialist skills, knowledge and expertise relevant to emergency management and intensive care of the newborn. This includes a deeper and broader understanding of the neonate and family health needs within the context of changing health care provision and the use of evidence based practice.

Completing a clinical skills portfolio that encompasses your knowledge and skills development will be an excellent resource for NMC revalidation. Completion of this module contributes towards the Higher Education England descriptors for neonatal nurse training: QIS (qualification in speciality).

Mode of Assessment:

Part 1 (Both SNM 3264 & 672) - Completion of a clinical skills portfolio (a placement within a regional neonatal intensive care unit may be required).

Part 2 (SNM 3262) - A case study including critical discussion of an aspect of neonatal intensive care (level 6).

Part 2 (SNM 672) - A case study including critical analysis of an aspect of neonatal intensive care (level 7).

Learning Outcomes and marking guidelines will be provided at the beginning of the module that reflect the level of assessment.

Start Date: Tuesday 5 October 2021

Attendance Dates: 5.10.21, 12.10.21, 19.10.21, 26.10.21, 2.11.21, 9.11.21, 16.11.21, 23.11.21, 30.11.21, 7.12.21.

Start Date: Tuesday 29 March 2022

Attendance Dates: To be confirmed

Application and Funding

To apply for this course you need to complete an online application form and you can do this by visiting our how to apply page. A fees and funding form and Mapping Document will automatically be sent on submission of your application form.  Please return the completed Mapping Document to Details of funding options can be found on our Funding Page.

If successful in your application for the course you will receive a confirmation email with the exact details of the location of teaching, closer to the start date.

Programme Leader/Contact Name:

Tracy Hill

Tel: +44 114 222 2063


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