The Senses Framework and Relationship Centred Care

Traditionally services have considered the needs of care recipients and their caregivers, including staff, separately. Relationship-centred care promotes a more inclusive vision of practice seeking to explore and understand the lives of service users, family caregivers and the staff who work within services as a means for enhancing care environments.

In considering how such positive relationships can be created and sustained, Nolan and colleagues have developed the ‘Senses Framework’ (Davies, Nolan, Brown, & Wilson, 1999; Nolan, 1997; Nolan et al., 2001, 2003). 

In essence, this comprises six senses that are seen as prerequisites for good relationships within the context of care and service delivery. The fundamental premise of Nolan et al.’s vision of relationship-centred care is that good care can only be delivered when the ‘senses’ are experienced by all the groups involved.


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