Academic clinical fellowships in the Academic Urology Unit

The Academic Urology Unit has been actively involved in urological research over the past 15 years and has raised over £20 million of peer-reviewed research income.

The faculty team currently includes two senior academics including Professor James Catto and a Clinical Senior Lecturer, Derek Rosario; and two NIHR funded Clinical Lecturers and three ACFs. It is one of the largest Academic Urology Units in the UK.

Specific research within recent years has focused upon the biology of bladder cancer and the clinical application of this knowledge (lead PI: Catto). Recent publications reveal that loss of epigenetic gene control is an early event within this disease and affects the clinical behaviour of these cancers. As such, drugs to target epigenetic gene control represent a novel therapeutic strategy in this disease.

The unit has also developed a track record in the application of Artificial Intelligence to clinical data (lead PI: Catto). Using fuzzy logic-based models, the workings of the human brain can be replicated to analyse clinical case data and produce accurate disease outcome predictions. Other areas developed within the unit are focused upon the quality of patient care (lead PI: Rosario) and the best strategy to detect prostate cancer within a screened population.

Academic programme director: Mr Jim Catto

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