HELSI Bites: Fighting the stigma surrounding sex over 50

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Thursday 20 January 2022
Online Event
This event is for TUOS staff only. The events are free and are accessible via Google Meet. HELSI Bites are 30 minute lunchtime talks (15-18 minute talk & 10 minutes for Q&A), prepared in an engaging & accessible "TED talk" style, suitable for our diverse, cross disciplinary academic audience. They highlight the wealth of expertise amongst our members, and showcase our holistic approach to tackling ageing and extending healthy lifespans.
Access event (TUOS staff only)


Fighting the stigma surrounding sex over 50: how a sexual rights charter for older adults can support healthy ageing

Dr. Sharron Hinchliff

Health Sciences School

Sexual activity and intimacy are important components of quality of life for many older adults, with reported benefits to psychological well-being and life satisfaction. However, individual and structural level ageism can prevent people from getting support for their sexual health and well-being needs. To assist health and social care services to develop inclusive and non-discriminatory practices and policies, we have designed a Sexual Rights Charter in partnership with Age Better in Sheffield. Taking a human rights-based approach, the Charter is based on empirical knowledge that discrimination adversely affects health and well-being, and, when it comes to sexuality, that stigma, shame, silencing, and invisibility, are key barriers to making positive change.

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