The Healthy Lifespan Institute brings together a wealth of expertise in multimorbidity and healthy ageing. Our renowned team includes researchers who are considered leaders in their field and ranked among the top 40 researchers globally for the quality of their scientific outputs.

Core team and directors

Professor Alan Walker

Professor Alan Walker

Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology

Ageing, social analysis, social policy, social planning, social gerontology

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Prof Ilaria Bellantuono in a laboratory

Professor Ilaria Bellantuono

Professor in Musculoskeletal Ageing

Multiple age-related disease, preventing or reversing ageing of stem cells, diseases of the musculoskeletal system

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Professor Sherif El-Khamisy

Professor Sherif El-Khamisy

Professor of Molecular Medicine

DNA repair, topisomerase, mitochondria

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Gemma Stephens

Gemma Stephens

Healthy Lifespan Institute Manager

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Executive board team leads

Profile image of Professor Sheila Francis

Professor Sheila Francis

Professor of Cardiovascular Biology

Modulating vascular cell function, experimental models of cardiovascular systems, coronary artery disease

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Professor Steven Sourbron
Professor Steven Sourbron

Professor Steven Sourbron

Professor in Medical Imaging Physics

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Renee Timmers

Professor Renee Timmers

Personal Chair, Music Psychology

music and emotion, multisensory experiences of music and sounds, nonverbal expression and communication, Humlab, Music Mind Machine research centre

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Mari-Cruz Villa-Uriol profile photo

Dr Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol


Computational imaging, modelling techniques, composition of scientific workflows, cardiovascular domain

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Professor Barry Gibson

Professor in Medical Sociology

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Liz Williams

Dr Elizabeth Williams

Senior Lecturer

Diet and intestinal health, biomarkers of colorectal cancer, the role of butyrate and folate on colorectal carcinogenesis, nutrition, health and wellbeing of older adults

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Professor Lynda Wyld

Professor of Surgical Oncology

Breast cancer in older women: cancer outcomes, risk prediction model development and validation, decision support, quality of life, outcome modelling. Psychosocial outcomes for women with familial high breast cancer risk. Epigenetic modifiers of the BRCA gene promotor in collaboration with Professor Angie Cox

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Venet Osmani

Dr Venet Osmani

Senior Lecturer in Data Science

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Professor Thomas Webb

Professor of Psychology

Self-regulation, behaviour change, motivation

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ScHARR Staff Profile - Liddy Goyder

Professor Liddy Goyder

Professor of Public Health

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Dr Gareth Richards

Dr Gareth Richards

Senior Research Fellow and I&KE Lead for Seed Innovation, IP and Commercialisation

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Professor Ian Kellar

Professor of Health Psychology

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Dr Daniel Holman

Dr Daniel Holman 

Lecturer in Sociology and Public Health

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EDU - Meesha Warmington profile

Dr Meesha Warmington

Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology

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Dr Tom Broomhead

Research Associate

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