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Professor Ian Kellar
Department of Psychology
Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS)
219 Portobello
S1 4DP

I am a professor of Health Psychology with expertise in co-producing and evaluating interventions that use behaviour change techniques and implementation strategies both in the UK and in LMICs. I have been an investigator on research grants totalling £28.5 million of funding, of which 17 were peer-reviewed Research Council grants, including 5 NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research and 2 NIHR Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation grants.

I am currently a co-investigator on 10 funded studies, of which 3 include trials in ODA-recipient countries. I have led or co-led 10 workpackages where I have employed behaviour change and/or implementation science theory to structure knowledge mobilisation across evidence synthesis, qualitative interviews, co-production of intervention and/or implementation and process evaluation, including the intervention adaptation work package for a behavioural activation intervention for the treatment of depression in people with diabetes in Bangladesh and Pakistan; the evidence synthesis work package and the implementation modelling work package for an intervention programme for depression and TB in Pakistan and Afghanistan; the intervention development work package for an intervention to support diabetes self-management for people with severe mental illness; the co-design work package and the intervention optimisation work package for a digital intervention to support painful distal upper limb musculoskeletal disorders; and the theory of change work package and mixed-methods process evaluation work package for anti-psychotic switching intervention targeting guidelines implementation among mental health professionals.

My research has been funded by Cancer Research UK, ESRC, Health Foundation, MRC (PHIND, Trial), NHS England SBRI, NIHR (HS&DR, HTA, PDG, PGfAR, RIGHT), Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and the White Rose Consortium.

Research interests

Intervention development; evidence synthesis; behaviour change theory; co-production; implementation science; intervention optimisation; quantitative and qualitative process evaluation; self-management; treatment adherence


Current active grants (career total: >£28.6M excl. studentships):

  • Paleri, V., Bradley, P., Elkington, C., Emery, L., Hardman, J., Hooper, R., Kapoor, K., Kavanagh, K., Kellar, I., Kerawala, C., Mihaylova, B., Randell, R., Rousseau, N., Tikka, T., Van der Meulen, J. (2022-28) EVolution of a patiEnt-REported symptom-based risk stratification sySTem to redesign the suspected Head and Neck cancer referral pathway (EVEREST-HN). NIHR PGfAR (£2,982,726/5%FTE)
  • Weighall, A. & Kellar, I. (2022-23) A modelling and feasibility study of a Positive Early Childhood Education (PECE). Nuffield Foundation (£260,198/5%FTE)
  • Farooq, S., Kendal, P., Maidment, I., Kingston, T., Hussain, N., Haddad, P., Kellar, I., Chew-Graham, C., Dziedzic, K., Lewis, M., Shiers, D.) (2022-25) Developing and user testing iSWITCHED (implementing SWITCHing EDucational intervention) to support switching antipsychotics to improve physical health outcomes in people with severe mental illness. NIHR HS&DR (£918,558/5%FTE)
  • Farooq, S., Zohaib, K., Amirzadah, H., Ashraf, S., Khan, M., Gul, M., Javed, S., Kellar, I., Seddiq, M., Komproe, I., Lewis, M., Mallen, C., Naeem, F., Sanauddin, N., Sarwari, B., ul Haq, M., Ul Haq, Z. (2021-25). The CONTROL (COgNitive Therapy for depRessiOn in tubercuLosis treatment) programme of research to improve outcomes for depression and TB in Pakistan and Afghanistan. NIHR Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (Call 3) (£4,877,210/5%FTE)
  • Conaghan P., Adams, J., Brown, S., Burton, C., Davies, C., Dziedzic, K., Kellar, I., Kingsbury, S., Macfarlane, G., McHugh, G., Mujica-Mota, R., Stocken, D., Thurlow, V., Walker-Bone, K., (2021-27) Development and evaluation of the Digital-My Arm Pain Programme (D-MAPP) for improving painful distal upper limb musculoskeletal disorders. NIHR PGfAR (£2,504,784.00/10%FTE)
  • Bhattacharya, D., Wright, D., Longmore, J., Alldred, D., Clark, A., Gibson, I., Keevil, V., Kellar, I., Murphy, K., Patel, M., Scott, S., Swart, A.M., Taylor, J., Turner, D., Witham, M.(2020-25) CompreHensive geriAtRician-led MEdication Review (CHARMER). NIHR PGfAR (£2,420,591/ 5.8%FTE).
  • Siddiqi N., Aamir, A. H., Afaq, S., Azad, K., Ekers, D., Fottrell, E., Gilbody, S., Hewitt, C., Holt, R., Huque, R., Jacobs, R., Jenning, H. Kellar, I., Nizami, A., Ul Haq, Z., Walker, S. (2020-24) Developing and evaluating an adapted behavioural activation intervention for people with depression and diabetes in South Asia. NIHR RIGHT (£3,005,541/5.5%FTE).
  • Siddiqi, K., Sheik, A., Hewitt, C., Kanaan, M., Parrott, S., Kellar, I., Jackson, C., Iqbal, R., Rizvi, N., Khan, J., Huque, R., Pardhan, A., Ferdous, T., Pervin, M., Readshaw, A. (2020-24) Children Learning About Second-hand Smoke: Cluster randomised-controlled trial. MRC JGHT scheme. (£1,224,737/5%FTE).
  • Siddiqi, N., Taylor, J., Hewitt, C., Shiers, D., Kellar, I., Ali, S., Parrott, S., Holt, R., Gilbody, S., Doherty, P., Ajjan, R., Osborn, D., Long, S., Coventry, P., Boehnke, J., Alderson, S. (2018-24) Developing and evaluating a diabetes self-management intervention for people with severe mental illness: The DIAMONDS programme (Diabetes and Mental Illness, Improving Outcomes and Self-management). NIHR PGfAR. (£2,484,546/6%FTE).
  • Selected Fellowship supervision
  • Behn, N. (Applicant) Hilari, K., Cruice, M., Togher, L., Kellar, I. (2023-25) TrAiNinG cOmmunication partners of people with acquired brain injury: Intervention adaptation (TANGO) NIHR Advanced Fellowship (~£400k).
  • Shaw, N. (Applicant), Alldred, D., Kellar, I., Rousseau, N., Peckham, D. (2021-24) The AtOM CF Study - How can Adherence to Oral Medication be improved for the benefit of people with cystic fibrosis. HEE/ NIHR ICA Programme CDRF (£432,166).
Teaching activities

PSY6232 Systematically Reviewing Psychological Research
PSY346 Research Project in Psychology

Professional activities and memberships
  • Cluster lead for Wellbeing of Individuals and Society
  • Conference scientific committee for UKSBM 2024 and IBTN 2024
  • Study steering group member for NIHR-funded Caregiver’s Responsive Infant Feeding Behaviours study
  • Action Editor British Journal of Health Psychology
  • External Examiner Birmingham City University Online MSc Psychology
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