Psychology seminars

Research Seminar Series, Spring 2017-18

Welcome to our Spring Seminar Series 2017-18

All seminars will take place on Fridays in the Lecture Theatre 6, The Diamond starting at 12.00pm and concluding by 12.50pm or shortly afterwards unless otherwise indicated.

To subscribe for notification of future seminars please send an email to with the subject 'subscribe psy-seminars'. n.b. You do not need to do this if you are Staff or student in the Psychology Department.

The seminar programme found below can be downloaded from this page (please see the 'Downloads' box to the right hand side) or by contacting Liz Carl (

Speaker Institution Title Host
9.2.18 Dr Motonori Yamaguchi Edgehill University "Tolp-down contributions to attention shifting and disengagement" Dr Kat Zawadzka
16.2.18 Dr Rasmus Petersen University of Manchester "Using high-density silicon probes to understand the neural basis of touch" Dr Hannes Saal
23.2.18 Professor Beatrice Kuhlmann University of Mannhein, Germany "Ready ...Set ... Test!  Exploring Older Adults' Adaptation to the Expected Memory-Test Format" Dr Kat Zawadzka
9.3.18 Professor Terezinha Nunes University of Oxford "The development of quantitative reasoning"
Dr Emma Blakey
16.3.18 Dr Robert Becker University of Zurich "Alpha oscillations reduce temporal long-range dependence in spontaneous human brain activity"
Dr Robert Schmidt
23.3.18 Dr Richard Allen University of Leeds "Improving working memory" Dr Claudia von Bastian
20.4.18 Dr Ching Yu Huang Bournemouth University "Doubly vulnerable- Investigative interviewing with immigrant children" Dr Claudia von Bastian
26.4.18 Dr Camilla Gilmore Loughborough University "The role of executive functions in mathematics learning"
**Special Seminar at 11.00am in G.06, Cathedral Court**
Dr Emma Blakey
27.4.18 Dr Jane Simpson Lancaster University "Psychological difficulties in adults with motor neurodegenerative conditions:  why a psychological approach is useful" Professor Paul Overton
4.5.18 Dr James Reynolds Cambridge University "Increasing public support for public health interventions using evidence" Dr Thomas Webb
8.5.18 Profesor Avishai Henik Ben-Gurion University, Israel "Attention and Cognitive Control"
**Special Seminar at 12.00pm in D.12, Cathedral Court**
Dr Liat Levita
11.5.18 Dr Ian Tucker University of East London "Ecologies of Mental Distress: Forensic psychiatric wards and digital peer support forums" Dr Fuschia Sirois
18.5.18 Dr David Frost University College London "Title TBC" Dr Chantelle Wood