Psychology seminars

Research Seminar Series, Autumn 2019-20

Welcome to our Autumn Seminar Series 2019-20

All seminars will take place on Fridays in Lecture Theatre 7, The Diamond, starting at 12.00pm and concluding by 12.50pm or shortly afterwards unless otherwise indicated.

To subscribe for notification of future seminars please send an email to with the subject 'subscribe psy-seminars'. n.b. You do not need to do this if you are Staff or student in the Psychology Department.

The seminar programme found below can be downloaded from this page (please see the 'Downloads' box to the right hand side) or by contacting James Barker (

Speaker Institution Title Host

Dr Hayriye Cagnan 

University of Oxford, UK Revealing the pathological role of neural synchrony through dynamic neuromodulation Dr Robert Schmidt
11/10/19 Dr Lorna Hardy University of Exeter, UK Cues, cost discounting or negative affect - what underpins addiction? Professor Matt Field
01/11/19 Professor Joanne Smith University of Exeter. UK Harnessing the power of group norms for behaviour change Dr Thomas Webb
08/11/19 Professor John Staddon Duke University, USA Skinner, Darwin and Memorial Hall: Reflections on the past and future of operant conditioning Dr Liat Levita
22/11/19 Professor Julian Rubel University of Trier, Germany Linear and nonlinear patterns of change in psychotherapy Dr Jaime Delgadillo
29/11/19 Professor Christopher Jarrold University of Bristol, UK Rethinking recoding and rehearsal: Implications for development and neuropsychology Dr Claudia von Bastian
06/12/19 Dr Jack Wells University College London, UK Developing non-invasive MRI techniques to image neuro-fluids Dr Clare Howarth
13/12/19 Dr Rene Mottus University of Edinburgh, UK Personomics: Putting the many dimensions of personality into good use Dr Fuschia Sirios
28/02/20 Professor Elizabeth Milne The University of Sheffield, UK

Inaugural Lecture: Sensory Issues and Variability in the Autism Spectrum

Firth Hall, The University of Sheffield

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